Shape of you: Ed Sheeran wins copyright case

Shape of you: Ed Sheeran wins copyright case

L.A, 2022-04-06 08:01:00. Shape of you: Ed Sheeran wins copyright case

LONDON – Grammy-winning songwriter Ed Sheeran won the UK copyright battle over the 2017 song “Shape of You” on Wednesday, then blasted what he called the “culture” of groundless lawsuits aimed at draining Money from artists eager to shun them at the expense of trial.

British pop star and co-stars John McDade of Snow Patrol and producer Stephen McCutchen have denied allegations that the song was copied as part of the 2015 song Oh Why by artist Sami Shukri performing under the name Sami Switch.

“While we are clearly pleased with the outcome, I feel that allegations like this are very common now and it has become a culture in which a claim is being made with the idea that a settlement would be cheaper than taking it to court, even if there is no basis for that claim,” Sheeran said in a video posted on Twitter. “It is really harmful to the songwriting industry.”

Andrew Sutcliffe, an attorney for Oh Why’s co-authors, argued that there was “an indisputable similarity between the works.” He claimed Sheeran had “Oh why” in his head “consciously or unconsciously” when “Shape of You” was written in 2016.

The plaintiffs claimed that the phrase “Oh I, oh I, oh I” in the “Shape Of You” chorus was “remarkably similar” to the “Oh, why, oh, oh, why” line in their track.

During the 11-day trial, Sheeran denied allegations that he “borrowed” ideas from unknown songwriters without acknowledgment and said he had always been fair to honor the people who contributed to his albums.

In a ruling on Wednesday, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Zaccaroli concluded that Sheeran “neither intentionally nor unconsciously” copied a phrase from “Oh why” when writing his crushing blow.

The cost of the case was more than the financial cost, Sheeran, McDaid and Mack said in a statement. They said the stress of going to court also hurts creativity, means less time to compose music and takes an emotional toll.

“It is very painful to hear someone so openly and forcefully challenging your integrity,” the trio said. “It is very painful to have to defend yourself against accusations that you did something you did not do and never will.”

“Shape of You” was the UK’s best-selling single in 2017.

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