She creates the Vinted of accessories for women with cancer

She creates the Vinted of accessories for women with cancer

She creates the Vinted of accessories for women with cancer

Keeping all your femininity while fighting cancer is what Emilie Lebrun is offering via her new platform: “Miochi”. On the same principle as Vinted, it aims to facilitate the purchase and / or resale of beauty accessories for women with cancer. Zoom in on this hopeful initiative.

The work of a former cancer patient

Behind “Miochi” (“chemo” in verlan), there is therefore a woman: Emilie Lebrun. In February 2019, when she was only 36 years old, doctors diagnose her with breast cancer. It’s the cold shower. Operation, chemotherapy, radiotherapy … Emilie takes the cancer head on. Despite this, she makes a point of remaining as flirtatious than it was before the illness.

“Like many, the ultimate fear is this hair loss, this physical transformation that tells everyone and first and foremost to yourself that you are sick… But I am someone of optimism, humor keeps me and shopping even more… With or without hair, I want to remain me, feminine even more than before ”, explains Emilie to the media

However, the professional social worker comes up against a difficulty: the price of this coquetry. Because wigs, scarves or even clip-on fringes are expensive. Very expensive even! For wigs, for example, count 400 € on average for the first prices. And for those who would like a quality product in natural hair, it can even quickly go up to 800 €, even 1000 €. Impressive prices which unfortunately reduce the accessibility of these products for many women.

And if social security covers part of this expense, this remained a significant cost for this woman and mother of three children. She then looked for resale sites, but very quickly realized the cruel lack of offers. From then on, she made a promise to herself to remedy that once healed.

“Miochi”: the solution to stay “girly” at a lower cost

Thing promised thing due. In March 2021, Emilie is therefore launching Miochi, a Vinted-like resale platform for women with cancer, created thanks to Maxime, a 21-year-old computer science student. If the project is therefore very recent, some users have already registered in offering their old accessories for sale. And for good reason, the prices are much more interesting! Between 50 and 70% cheaper than the original price. What to have a little pleasure in these moments that we know complicated.

“It’s a kind of outlet. It changes me so much from my usual job. And then the goal is for everyone to be able to buy. I love the idea that my cancer experience turns into something positive. This is the site I would have liked to have had during my chemo sessions », Emilie confides to the Rose-Up site

And for those who need nothing but tips, the site also offers an advice section. Tutorials on how to tie your turban, explanations on how to put on makeup when you have a gray complexion, advice on beauty products suitable for people in treatment … Emilie’s relatives are active every day in order to make sick women feel their best in their bodies.

Note that Emilie Lebrun, donates 10% of what it collects from the sale to cancer research. A great way to snub the disease and get something positive out of it!

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