Short haircut and round face

laurence boccolini et sa coupe courte et visage rond

Short haircut and round face

Short cut and round face, there are many curvy women who do not dare. Is this style for you? How to style this cut? Daring short cut and round face, we tell you everything today on the subject.

Can you really dare the short haircut when you have a round face?

Short hair is always on trend and makes us drool in fashion magazines. However, when you have a round face, the short haircut is as desirable as it is scary.

Let’s not lie to ourselves, less hair means exposing your double chin but also no longer being able to arrange your long hair around the face to slightly conceal very full cheeks.

However, well chosen, this cut style can quite highlight a round face. The proof, many rounds have attempted it without ever regretting it.

Those who dared

Laurence Boccolini

It is the most famous of the rounds with a short cut, it is of course Laurence Boccolini. The host alone proves to us that a short haircut and a round face can go perfectly together.

Like her, we offer blond locks to give relief but also movement to its cut and we just stylize a lock on the forehead to break the round side of the face. Superb!


Luciana, German curvy blogger adopted the short haircut and has been stuck with it ever since. It must be said that this cut fits him like a glove and that it would almost give him an air of resemblance to actress Michelle Williams.


Lauren from The Curvy Perfectionist Blog she also tried the short haircut and the least we can say is that she is lovely. Here too, we see once again that blond is a color that gives a lot of relief to this type of hairstyle.

How to style a short haircut?

Short hair has an advantage over long hair, it can be styled easily to create a hairstyle with volume but also movement!

Because with a cut of this kind, this is what we are going to try to create. For that, stylize your hairstyle strand by strand with your fingertips with a little styling wax and we do not hesitate to increase the volume using a fine comb backcombing a few strands at the root all around the face. A little hairspray and presto, you’re done. You have a sophisticated hairstyle in no time!

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