Signs of fatigue, dark circles… How can they be effectively camouflaged?

Signs of fatigue, dark circles… How can they be effectively camouflaged?

Signs of fatigue, dark circles… How can they be effectively camouflaged?

It’s not always easy to keep pace, especially with the onset of winter: your complexion looks gray. Stress and lack of sleep can be aggravating factors that weaken your eye area. But do not panic ! There are many solutions to blur them. DESSANGE shows you how to look fresh in all circumstances.

Our advices :

Anti-fatigue eye patches

The main advantage of the patches is that they offer faster results than day after day eye treatments. Also ideal for long-term action (you can use them as a “cure” to give your eyes a boost by multiplying the applications daily in order to permanently transform them), the anti-fatigue eye patches bring softness and comfort to the area delicate eye contour. Their gel texture restores freshness to the eyes which immediately appear more rested. The signs of fatigue are faded and the eyes light up thanks to a combination of active ingredients such as blueberry floral water and witch hazel extract.

The eye freshness treatment

No more puffy face in the morning! A true SOS treatment for tired eyes, this fresh and melting gel-cream refreshes the eyes in an instant. Thanks to its selection of decongestant, soothing and detoxifying active ingredients (cornflower, shea polyphenols,) this treatment deflates puffiness, blurs dark circles and protects the fragile area around the eyes from the harmful effects of pollution. In addition to applying just the right amount of product, its applicator allows you to access sometimes difficult areas of the eye contour! Rested, the gaze wakes up and lights up: it sparkles again.

The Liquid Corrector Pen or the Compact Concealer

After applying your treatment, it’s time for makeup. To hide the last signs of fatigue, no need to overdo it: use the Illuminating and Correcting Brush Pen. This will allow you to illuminate your face by optically reducing the shadows and signs of fatigue. To be sure to deposit it well and to guarantee a natural finish, it’s simple, never spread it in a thick layer or in too large a quantity. We will rather deposit it by small touches under the eye, from the inside to the outside, with the finger or with a brush.

If you prefer correctors in a compact form, use the Natural Tone Correcting Concealer. Its soft, creamy and comfortable texture will hide dark circles, imperfections and redness, without thickening effect, for a 100% natural result. The eyes seem relaxed, the complexion regains freshness and uniformity. A real studio makeup artist product for optimal complexion correction!

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