Special “New Head” round woman makeover: exclusive photos

Special "New Head" round woman makeover: exclusive photos

Special “New Head” round woman makeover: exclusive photos

A few weeks ago, in partnership with the Echlosion agency, we organized a superb makeup and hairstyle makeover for you, readers of My Big Size. Many of you took part and showed us your enthusiasm for this new project. We show you everything.

Why organize a special “new head” round woman makeover for our readers?

Because we know that the self-confidence is sometimes something difficult to acquire, and that very often, a new face, good advice, allow to reassure and help to gain confidence in the beautiful person that one is. This is what we wanted for you: to help you gain trust.

A nice gift in short, which allowed you to reveal yourself to yourself, thanks to precious hairstyling and makeup advice. And it is Estelle and Laetitia who had the chance to win this draw and participate in our “new face” round woman makeover.

Exclusive images of the makeover

It was therefore on a rainy Friday that the filming of this makeover took place. What a pleasure to meet our two winners, both so excited to change their minds. In an atmosphere 100% girly, the day couldn’t have started better.

The flirtatious Estelle, before the “new head” round woman makeover.

The sparkling Laetitia, just before passing into the hands of our hairstyling and makeup experts.

Girly, gourmet … and healthy atmosphere, all the same!

Estelle, in makeup with Chloé Crépin.

Pampered by Emy, hairdresser at Beauty Place and Chloé Crépin, image consultant.

While Laetitia enjoys a manicure made by Caroline, founder of the ephemeral beauty salon Beauty Place, Estelle receives personalized makeup advice from Chloé.

Laetitia gets her makeup done, after some advice expertly distilled by Chloe.

The result

After a few hours of makeup, hairstyle, personalized advice for each of our two beauty queens of the day, it was time to see the result … We couldn’t wait! And you ?
3, 2, 1 … Here we go!

Laetitia, under the spell of her sexy curls!

Estelle, very moved by her metamorphosis.

A day full of emotions, which would obviously not have been the same without the participation of Emy, hairdresser at Beauty Place, Chloé Crépin, image consultant, and Caroline, founder of the beauty salon Beauty Place.

The video makeover

Did you like these photos? Note that for even more exclusive images, we have made a video of this emotional makeover day!

For those who would be disappointed not to have tried their luck, subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a single opportunity to be offered a magnificent beauty makeover!

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