Spring-summer 2015 hairstyles: discover the trends!

Spring-summer 2015 hairstyles: discover the trends!

Spring-summer 2015 hairstyles: discover the trends!

Spring is here, summer is not far away, temperatures are rising, in short, we want a hair change! Not only because we understand you but also because we love you, we decided to tell you a little about the spring-summer 2015 hairstyle trends!

Spring-summer 2015 hairstyle trends: vintage is no longer vintage!

Crossed on catwalks or in the street, these hairstyles and other trends are the techniques to adopt for a breathtaking summer 2015. Girls, we tell you more, follow the guide!

# 1 – The square!

For this year 2015, the square cup is the big winner! Fresh and easy to maintain, it guarantees a certain style in all circumstances! You can either opt for a straight square, or for a plunging square where the front locks will be longer and will frame your face.

# 2 – The wavy effect!

Quezaco than the wavy effect? Well, it is quite simply the English expression to designate a “natural” or wavy effect with a “vague” spirit. And yes, the royal era of hair straighteners and other hair torture is over.

This time, we opt for the natural and we let our hair freely waving! A little tip if you don’t have a naturally curly material: shampoo and braid wet hair before going to bed. When you wake up, your hair will have beautiful curls! A little hairspray to last the whole day and let’s go!

If you love hair accessories, indulge yourself!

# 3 – The wet effect!

We reassure you, we are not going to talk to you about Weight Watchers! The “wet” effect simply means “wet effect”. Remember, it was all the rage in the 90s. You can either have fun pulling your hair back, or just one part or you can decide to have crazy bangs! The only solution to keep a wet effect all day (and yes, water, it dries): buy a styling gel specially designed for that!

# 4 – The low ponytail!

And yes, contrary to popular belief, the low ponytail is not out of fashion and is even making a comeback this year! All it takes is a rubber band and a stroke of the brush to be ready!

It is even one of the major hairstyle trends for spring-summer 2015.

# 5 – The unstructured dancer bun!

Always in a perspective of naturalness, the dancer bun with some crazy locks is more relevant than ever! It guarantees a chic, relaxed and romantic style.

So much for this little tour of spring-summer 2015 hairstyle trends! Dear readers, stay tuned because we are preparing a special summer tutorial for you to achieve superb hairstyles in two steps three movements!

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