Spring-summer 2018 makeup trends

Spring-summer 2018 makeup trends

Spring-summer 2018 makeup trends

Like the hairstyle collection, the makeup collection New Sunrise * transports women into a colorful universe with soft pastel notes, sunny and full of freshness.

Each product recalls the softness of a sunrise with pink-orange tones where light is the only pageantry.

HAPPY’TOUCH Light compact powder

Do you dream of a sunny complexion all year round?

Tanned or dewy, this compact powder, subtly pearly, illuminates the complexion. Like rays of the sun, his design is made up of three shades that combine in perfect harmony.

SUBTIL’REGARD Cream eyeshadow

Will you opt for the softness of a pearly gaze?

Nothing like a cream eyeshadow with a bare skin effect to dress the eyes with a pearly veil. To be used alone or in combination of several shades, day or night for a fresh and satin makeup. We fell in love with the three shades: Nude smoke, Corail smoke and Taupe smoke. And you, which one makes you crack?

ROUGE ARTIST ‘Two-tone lip pen

How about a rimmed mouth while degraded?

Have fun this summer with these bright colors! This two-tone lip pen will allow you to get curved and colorful lips in the blink of an eye. Thanks to its two-tone grape, it becomes easy to create shadow and light effects on the lips and draw them without misstep.

The summer of 2018 will be marked by freedom and change. Dare to use color and powdery shades. Thanks to the makeup collection New Sunrise*, Let your creativity speak !

The make-up collection is available in DESSANGE salons and on our e-boutique!


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