Spring-summer 2020 makeup collection

Spring-summer 2020 makeup collection

Spring-summer 2020 makeup collection

With DESSANGE, it’s summer before it’s time. Freshness, light, softness … The promises of the spring-summer collection give us a smile in preview. As if to make way for the summer season, the matte finishes are available in fresh and light versions to sublimate the face while delicately. Natural or tangy harmonies, transparent textures and a bare skin effect are on the program to reveal all your desires for the season.

Light compact powder and brush

In a case whose flower echoes that pressed on the powder, this trio of compacted shades boosts the luminosity of the complexion and gives the face a spring glow. The finish, more subtle and lighter than that of a bronzer, matches perfectly with the seasonal light. The powder sweeps all over the face with its retractable brush for a sunny or pinkish effect (depending on skin tone), but still ultra-natural!
Two harmonies: Sun flower, Fresh flower

Matte lip balm

A seasonal grape that can be modulated as you wish. Slipped over the lips in a single pass, it makes a bare mouth barely bitten by the color; applied intensely, it offers a more pronounced pigmented finish. This balm can be forgotten thanks to its “gum” texture for optimal comfort. As for its light floral scent, it happily celebrates the new season.
Three shades: Blur pomegranate, Blur brown, Blur orange


Eyeshadow pen

This multi-purpose eye pen is a gold mine. Its creamy, light and slippery texture is easily applied in a single gesture. Its fine and precise tip, obtained thanks to the integrated pencil sharpener, allows use as a liner at the level of the eyelashes as well as an ultra-trendy graphic line. Fixation and perfect hold for three timeless shades: a matte nude whose luminous finish discreetly illuminates the eyes, a sunrise brown which creates daring contrasts, and a timeless gold sunlight to sublimate the tan and illuminate the eyes.
Three shades: Matte nude, Sunrise brown, Sunlight gold

The spring-summer 2020 makeup collection is available in the salon and on shop.dessange.com

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