Sundance winners: ‘Nanny’, ‘Exiles’ and ‘Navalny’

Sundance winners: 'Nanny', 'Exiles' and 'Navalny'

Paris, 2022-01-29 07:34:00. Sundance winners: ‘Nanny’, ‘Exiles’ and ‘Navalny’

A drama about an undocumented nanny in New York City, a documentary about three exiled dissidents from Tiananmen Square and another about Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, won major awards at the Sundance Film Festival. The winners were announced Friday evening in a virtual ceremony.

“Nanny,” written and directed by Nikiato Gusso and starring Anna Diop and Michelle Monaghan, won the Grand Jury Prize in the drama category for its portrayal of a Senegalese immigrant working for a wealthy New York City family. Ben Klein and Violet Columbus won the first jury prize for “Exiles,” as a documentary filmmaker tried to finish a film she started in 1989 after the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Navalny, a secret late addition to the competition, won the Documentary Audience Award and the Festival’s Favorite Award. Daniel Rohr’s thriller follows a Russian opposition leader as he recovers in Berlin after being poisoned.

The audience award for American drama went to Cooper Rave’s “Cha Cha Real Smooth,” starring Dakota Johnson as the young mother of a teenage daughter who, in a bar mitzvah circuit, forms a unique relationship with a recent college graduate.

Among the winners of the Grand Jury Prize in the World Cinema category are Utama, about an elderly couple in Bolivia, and All That Breathes, a documentary about brothers in Delhi who fight to protect the bird known as the Black Kite. The World Cinema Audience Awards went to “Girl Picture,” a Finnish adult film about three girls, and “Territory,” a documentary about the capture of a region of the Amazon rainforest and those who fight for the land.

“Today’s awards represent the design of visionary individuals, whose dynamic work will continue to transform culture and create discourse throughout the year,” said Joanna Vicente, Executive Director of the Sundance Institute. “This year’s entire program has demonstrated that regardless of context, independent storytelling remains a pivotal tool in expanding critical dialogues, and these stories will and must be shared.”

Several of last year’s Sundance Awards winners are still in Oscar talks, including “CODA,” “Flee,” “Hive,” and “Summer of Soul.”

The award-winning films will be shown on Sundance’s online platform on Saturdays and Sundays. Tickets will go on sale beginning at 7 p.m. ET on Friday.

“Whether you watched from home or one of our seven screens, this year’s festival expressed a strong affinity; we were present together as a community connected through action,” said Tabitha Jackson, director of the Sundance Film Festival. “And it’s work that really changed those who tried it.”

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