Take care of your hair after the swimming pool

Take care of your hair after the swimming pool

Take care of your hair after the swimming pool

During the summer, the swimming pool is one of our favorite places. However, you should know that chlorinated water is a real enemy for the health of your hair. So, to limit the damage and preserve your mermaid mane, it is better to take care of it after swimming.

Why is swimming pool water dangerous for the health of the hair?

The chlorine contained in swimming pool water is the real danger for the hair. This product attacks the keratin, which has the effect of stripping the hair fiber. Swimming also promotes the lifting of the scales, and at the same time the penetration of chlorine inside, making the hair coarse and dull.

Generally speaking, chlorine causes the hair to dry out, sometimes catastrophically. In extreme cases, colored hair can turn green.

Wash your hair after swimming

After swimming in the pool, it is essential to wash your hair with a mild shampoo that respects its nature. This step will facilitate the elimination of chlorine residues that may have settled on the scalp. If you have colored hair, use a colored hair shampoo. Then, always apply an exposed hair treatment which will be used to comfort the hair of the aggressions of life in the great outdoors (sun, swimming pool, sea, sports activities).

To optimize the removal of chlorine residue from your hair, pour a little vinegar into the rinse water. After rinsing, the ideal is to let the hair air dry and to avoid as much as possible the use of the hair dryer and other heating tool so as not to further attack the hair.

Clarify the hair

The scales of the hair having been lifted in the water, chlorine certainly seeped inside. However, these chlorine residues will gradually harden as they dry. This will result in making the hair brittle. To remedy this, clarify your hair.

Thoroughly moisturize your hair by applying a hair mask that you will leave on for at least fifteen minutes before rinsing. Then mix in a little baking soda (about a teaspoon) with your usual amount of shampoo.

What if the color has turned green?

Colored hair is very sensitive. This is because the color can wash out or turn green if the hair is frequently exposed to chlorinated water without proper care. The best way to avoid a hair disaster is to act upstream. After each swimming session in the pool, make a mask for colored hair to revive your color and preserve it as long as possible.

Limit damage to the swimming pool

Although the harmful effects of swimming pool water are not irreversible, it is still preferable to take precautions while swimming to limit the damage. Some women do not find the cap particularly aesthetic, however, this accessory is a great help to protect the hair from the harmful effects of chlorine. And so that wearing the cap is fully beneficial, you can take the opportunity to coat your hair with oil to form a kind of protective barrier that will limit the infiltration of chlorine, just before putting on this accessory. You will offer them an oil bath at the same time!

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