Take care of yourself during confinement

Take care of yourself during confinement

Take care of yourself during confinement

We cannot repeat it enough: confinement is the ideal time to take time and give it time to the well-being of your skin. DESSANGE gives you its secrets for a 100% beauty session in the bathroom!

Step 1: Make-up removal

To start, face your mirror with your hair tied up and a towel nearby. Prepare by perfectly removing make-up and cleansing your face. For this, the “double make-up removal” method is ideal; it consists in first using a cleansing oil to take off the fatty substances on the surface, then secondly, after rinsing with lukewarm water, a foaming product intended to eliminate pollution and impurities.

Step 2: Exfoliation and mask

Continue with the use of an enzymatic exfoliation for sensitive skin, or grained, for a more intense exfoliation, always insisting on the T zone of the face (forehead and nose). Once the dead cells are eliminated and the complexion is unified, apply a mask adapted to your skin type or opt for the multi-mask, in order to specifically treat the different areas of your face according to their needs: hydrate, nourish, soothe, firm, add radiance … Leave the mask on for about 15 minutes (more or less according to the instructions on the back of your product).

Step 3: Nails, eyebrows, hair …

During this break, take the opportunity to pluck your eyebrows, pamper your nails, apply hair care before shampooing… or even run a bath if you have a bathtub. That’s right, what could be better than basking in a good hot bath to relax and take care of yourself?

Step 4: Hydration

After removing the mask, apply your eye cream. The latter is applied by tapping, on the lower bone part using the index and middle fingers, going from the outer corner to the inner corner of the eye. Be careful not to forget the brow bone by proceeding in the same way.

Then apply your serum all over your face, then your day / night cream. Both are applied from the neck to the forehead, and from the inside of the face to the outside in order to benefit from a “lifting” effect. To stimulate blood circulation as much as possible, do not hesitate to make small movements on your face when applying, using the following techniques:

  • Dynamically massage your cheeks with the pads of your fingers, always upwards
  • Make small circles with your fingertips all around your mouth
  • Lift your eyebrows while maintaining the position for a few seconds
  • Smooth the crow’s feet area by stretching your skin outward
  • Relax your forehead in a zig-zag motion, first vertical then horizontal
  • Finally, make large smoothing movements, from the bottom to the top, then from the center to the outside of the face.

Our advice

Repeat the different steps of this ritual once or twice a week to keep skin purified, plumped and luminous. Be careful not to forget the neckline too often neglected!

Of course, all the gestures inherent to your face must be executed gently and carefully. Indeed, in close connection with our limbic brain where the emotions are located, the skin is very sensitive to our psychic state. She therefore reacts very quickly to the benefits that are lavished on her, just as with the hasty and brutal gestures, executed rudely. Thus, for the results of your care to be optimized, it is advisable to treat your skin as delicately as possible, using gentle gestures.

Finally, we remind you that it is not good to overuse scrubs. Of course, it is important to thoroughly cleanse your skin regularly to renew its cells, but you must not strip it, otherwise you will see many rednesses, irritations or micro-injuries for the most fragile skin types. Oily skin will tend to produce more sebum and to grease more, causing the opposite of the expected result. We therefore recommend performing a scrub once or twice a week for normal skin, against once a month for sensitive skin, no more!

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