Taylor Hill High Bun

Taylor Hill High Bun

Taylor Hill High Bun

A true chameleon, Taylor Hill does not hesitate to change his mind during each of his appearances. For her first climb of the stairs of this 74th edition, she opted for a sophisticated high bun signed DESSANGE. Antoine Wauquier, at the origin of this tie, explains step by step how to reproduce it.

Step 1 :

Spray the lengths of the towel evenly with the thermo-active smoothing spray, before smoothing using your brush and hair dryer.

2nd step :

Part the hair from ear to ear then, with the back of the hair, make a ponytail on the top of the head. Tie it with a thin elastic.

Step 3:

With the hair left free at the front, make a straight part in the middle and integrate the sides into the ponytail. Be careful not to pull the hair too much to keep the parting visible. Do not hesitate to smooth out any small frizz using the Mattifying Modeling Cream.

Step 4:

Form a bun by twisting the hair at its base, then secure in the desired shape with bun pins. Secure the entire hairstyle with a veil of Natural Fixing Lacquer.

Photos: © Yan Maisani

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