Taylor Swift in Toronto: Crowds gather at TIFF

Taylor Swift attends an in conversation with Taylor Swift event on day two of the Toronto International Film Festival on Friday, Sept. 9, 2022, in Toronto. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

Sydney, 2022-09-09 22:41:00. Taylor Swift in Toronto: Crowds gather at TIFF

Toronto –

Fans crowded around the Toronto International Film Festival headquarters for Taylor Swift’s appearance on Friday night, including many devotees who couldn’t get tickets for the out-of-date event.

Hordes of Swifties mustered part of the so-called “Festival Street” to get close to the pop star ahead of the event, which will see her short “All Too Well” premiere in a 35mm film before being interviewed on stage by TIFF CEO Cameron Bailey .

“We were just hoping to get a glimpse of her but I’m not sure,” 17-year-old Daphne Short said before the event.

She and her friend weren’t able to score tickets, but as card-carrying members of their school’s Taylor Swift fan club, they thought attendance was worth a try.

“On the subway here, we wrote a little note that we folded into a little card. So the chances of (her) getting it are pretty low but that’s okay,” Short said.

They folded the letter, congratulating Swift on her short film, and wrote “For: Taylor Swift” in the foreground below a picture they drew of a fairy.

Some of the crowd was decked out in Swift merchandise, while others carried poster boards with messages written on them.

One banner read, “Taylor is my hero,” while another said, “We came from Mexico just to see you!”

The red carpet wasn’t available to the public, but Swift came out to greet her fans and take selfies before the show.

Inside, Swift presented the film to great fanfare.

“We are proud of you!” A fan shouted in the middle of her presentation.

“Oh, thank you,” Swift replied. “I’m proud of you too.”

Swift appeared alongside star of the short film Sadie Sink, who also starred in “The Whale,” which premieres in North America at TIFF on Sunday.

“It’s the heartbeat of the movie,” Swift said of Sinek. “It’s the heartbreak of the short film, and I’m really fortunate to be here talking to you at all.”

The 13-minute short, which premiered last November, brought images of the expanded version of “All Too Well” from her re-recorded album “Red (Taylor’s Version)”.

This is the first time it has been shown on 35mm film, which is considered the cinematic gold standard.

With files from Cassandra Szklarski

This report was first published by The Canadian Press on September 9, 2022.

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