Test the 5 editorial favorites

Test the 5 editorial favorites

Test the 5 editorial favorites

Discover our “favorites” products to integrate into your beauty routine to keep hair on top and a radiant complexion until summer!

Restore shine to your hair

For soft, shiny and silky hair, choose a hydrating hyaluronic acid-based formula such as Moisturizing Cleansing Milk combined with Moisturizing Cream for all hair types. These products combine low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, hydration booster, shine booster provitamin B5 and Abyssinian oil.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly while preserving its hydration

The first essential beauty gesture? Make-up removal! Indeed, without good cleaning, no beautiful skin! What could be better than a cleansing oil to cleanse the skin and get rid of all types of make-up and impurities? Opt for DESSANGE face and eye cleansing oil, with gentle and comfortable dosage. On contact with water, it turns into a milky emulsion and does not leave a greasy film after rinsing. It effectively removes all types of make-up, even waterproof, while preserving the skin’s hydration.

Choose a shield against everyday aggressions

The product to apply morning and evening? SOS comforting nourishing cream. A true “protective shield”, this facial treatment with a foam texture is ideal for relieving and soothing dry or sensitive skin which reacts to the slightest request. Its cocooning formula is composed of active ingredients specifically selected to offer the skin lasting well-being and immediate comfort: rosehip oil, a combination of raspberry seed oil and vitamin E with nourishing properties and hydrating and soothing sugar polymers. Thus, the skin is perfectly nourished, hydrated and less sensitive to external aggressions; more beautiful, it regains its comfort.

Operation seduction: opt for a bewitching look in the blink of an eye

The gaze being at the heart of the beauty of women, we all dream that ours is as captivating as possible. A real weapon of seduction, the DESSANGE Fantastic’Mascara false eyelash effect provides panoramic makeup results. All eyelashes are sculpted.

Enhance your lips with a chic and natural color

Discreet and sophisticated, this pearly powdery finish lipstick offers a perfect glide for supple and sublimated lips! Its foam applicator deposits color in a single gesture. Easy to wear whatever your style thanks to its 4 summer shades, it is to be tested without hesitation.

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