The 6 trendy cuts for the spring-summer 2021 season

The 6 trendy cuts for the spring-summer 2021 season

The 6 trendy cuts for the spring-summer 2021 season

Against the tide of a codified and frozen beauty, DESSANGE supports women in their desires today. Detached from the conventions that hinder their freedom to be and to appear, they take care of all their desires, even when they seem contradictory.

Be yourself ? It is for sure be able to have fun every day with his hair. It’s surfing the style male Female, navigate between a rock look and a glamorous attitude, or blow a wind of madness on a casual look with less stereotypical, freer, more natural cuts.

Feminine, assertive, sure of herself, the DESSANGE woman knows how to appropriate trends and interprets them in her own way, to invent your own beauty. With more freedom, creativity and naturalness.


For those who like to confuse the issue, play with codes and thwart appearances, this multifaceted cut offers a variety of styles. Very technical, the work oscillates between different skills: the length, tapered, is preserved on the top of the head and on the sides, while the back is very short. A contrast exploited even in the styling, since the nape of the neck wisely combed is overhung with a nicely tousled lock. Ideal for going from a classic rock look in just one movement.


The face is highlighted thanks to this ultra short cut which highlights a excessively feminine style. This proposal, however made using the techniques of masculine cuts, dismantles all stereotypes. Especially when it is pulsed by a blond with cold tones, more modern, and whose base remains dark to intensify its personality. To wear everyday with a soft and soft makeup, like here, or with a red mouth slamming. Everything is allowed.


It is the attachment to be mastered for twist long, thick hair without messing around. The idea is not to give in to the appeal of the Bardot bun in its classic version (pretty, but too wise) but to inject it with the right touch of rock spirit to dynamite his evening gait. The right method: texturize the material beforehand, tie it up in a bun with a few pins, and pull the hair to the side to achieve a volume above the head like a rock’chic crest.


The dream hair par excellence … Length, material, color, styling : it’s all in the know-how. The fiber is cared for in depth, the luminous blonde is worked in subtlety with “signature” reflections as well as very marked roots. Hair styling breathes new life into the waves. Less conventional, their movement is generous, pumped up to give masterful assurance.


the famous Coiffé-Décoiffé DESSANGE, always so inspiring when you want a change after having sworn only by long hair. In this version, he lives again under a very pronounced gradient. The effect is radical: the movement is more natural, lighter, easier to comb. Make way for the natural: above all no hairspray, just a dab of the root paste. The idea being to make the square evolve, to bring it to life throughout the day at the instigation of the hands.


For those who are not cold-eyed and hate half-measures, there’s nothing like a bold cut. The rebellious spirit of this iconic bowl remains ; however, it is lightened by a work of degradation in the mass, which comes to galvanize the lengths and the half-lengths. The color, a Felted Brown, is also brought in with delicacy and subtlety to inject energy and movement. More modern, less “first degree”, this neo-bol signs a bold and confident look worthy of the most stylish girls.

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