The benefits of clay for your hair

The benefits of clay for your hair

The benefits of clay for your hair

The benefits of clay for the skin are well established and the shelves of cosmetic stores attest to it: they are full of masks and cleansing products for the face based on this natural element. But did you know that clay is also essential for the good health of your hair? DESSANGE explains everything to you.

What are the properties of clay?

Clay is a true concentrate of beauty. This rocky material has the ability to capture energy from the sun and air, and transform it into function regenerative for body and hair. Used as a hair product, clay helps to purify, nourish, cleanse, hydrate, regulate, but above all to absorb. It is therefore an excellent care for hair, allowing to deeply cleanse the scalp.

Which clay should I choose for my hair?

There are several types of clays: white, red, green or yellow, there is something for all tastes and above all, for all types of hair! The color of clay differs according to its composition in mineral matter and more precisely, in silica (natural form of silicon dioxide which is used in the composition of many minerals such as clay). Thus, the intrinsic properties of each of them will potentially vary.

White clay

If you are prone to dandruff, choose white clay. Very similar to green clay but less absorbent, white clay will gently cleanse and purify your hair.

Red clay

Ideal for oily hair or to give a boost to tired hair, red clay will provide flexibility and volume to your hair. Richer in iron oxide, red clay is perfectly suited if you want to invigorate your hair.

Green clay

Green clay contains more minerals and absorbs all impurities from your scalp. It is therefore recommended for hair tending to grease very (too) quickly. Purifying and detoxifying, once the green clay is applied as a mask to your hair, no need to supplement with shampoo, its action is enough for your hair!

Yellow clay

If your hair or scalp is fragile and / or sensitive, prefer yellow clay. The latter is the gentlest and least irritating of all. It will therefore balance and purify your scalp without attacking it.

How to use them?

To get beautiful hair, it is essential to take care of your scalp. A healthy scalp will allow your hair, among other things, to be better prepared to receive the following treatments (masks, serums, etc.) which will be even more effective. Phytodess Precious Earths formulated with clay, are ideal for deep cleansing the scalp. Once the Precious Earth corresponding to your needs has been selected, apply the product to your entire dry scalp in wide separations. Massage gently and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. Emulsify by adding water then rinse thoroughly. You can use your Phytodess Precious Earth once a week instead of your usual shampoo.

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