The best video tutorials for applying eyeliner

The best video tutorials for applying eyeliner

The best video tutorials for applying eyeliner

Have you ever had gorgeous eye makeup, spent time blending eyeshadow, adding glitter and … messing it up trying to apply eyeliner? A staple of the cat eye, the eyeliner line does give us a hard time and one thing is certain: this is not the easiest makeup step to achieve.

Today, there are all kinds (in pencil, liquid, gel, sticker), all shades and colors (black, brown, glitter, etc.), all finishes (mat, gloss), with a waterproof outfit, from all brands and at all prices … And with these techniques and a little training, you doe-eyed!

Cynthia Dulude: all her tips for successfully using eyeliner

Cynthia Dulude is a Canadian YouTuber. Make up artist, she gives different types of beauty advice on her YouTube channel, which has 644K subscribers. In this video tutorial, she reveals her tips for applying her liner correctly, with her charming Quebecois accent.

She starts by showing different products that can be used for a successful eyeliner line : a simple pencil, a liquid liner, an eye shadow that she works with water and a fine brush, and finally, the eyeliner in a jar (cream or gel). Here are his tips:

  • Position yourself well : place your mirror a little lower than you so as to have a view from above and undoubtedly achieve the black line flush with the upper lashes. Then, rest your elbow or arm on a flat surface as needed to prevent any shaking.
  • Use tools be precise : making the comma, the famous “wing”, seem complicated to you? Place tape along the imaginary line that starts from the lower lashes, to go to the tip of the eyebrow. Clean line guaranteed and perfect comma guaranteed! And if you don’t have any more scotch at home, you will no doubt have a loyalty card or a bank card in your bag? Arm yourself with it and use it as a ruler to draw your line and get a nice tip of liner.
  • Make the point: to make THE famous eyeliner tip, we tend to want to stretch our eyelids upwards. Error, nCynthia told you! On the other hand, vYou can stretch it up.
  • In the event of false manipulation: if your line is imperfect, instead of thickening it too much by wanting to resume it, use an oil-free make-up removal with a cotton swab to keep a fine line.

Cynthia’s little tip?

For a thin line of eyeliner, start the line at flush with the eyelashes and if necessary, thicken it afterwards. The start of the line is according to your convenience, either at the inner hollow of the eye for a more elongated eye, or at the beginning of the eyelashes, for a more open eye.

We recommend … Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner liquid eyeliner in an intense black color that will dress your eyelids and give you that rock look like the make up artist. And with a lipstick, pin-up effect guaranteed!

Michelle Phan: all the possibilities with liquid eyeliner

Michelle Phan is THE most famous American YouTuber. The make up addict, reappeared a month ago on Youtube, gives advice on her YouTube channel to help her subscribers, numbering 7,380,200, to feel good about themselves.

In this video she shows us how to easily apply your liquid liner.

She starts by showing us 3 types of liquid eyeliner : one with the tip made of bristles, a felt that is easy to use for beginners, and the last: a brush that is plunged into a tube.

The first special beginner tip, the “connected lines “. It consists of draw the eyeliner line in several times : we start with the inner corner and go to the outer corner, leaving small spaces between each line. Then when the lines are to your liking, we complete the rest to obtain a beautiful line.

The next technique is that of the isosceles triangle to have a perfect cat’s eye. At the outer corner, we draw an isosceles triangle (as in the image), we always draw it with the principle of the imaginary line.

Once our little triangle has been drawn, we complete the rest of the eye by drawing the lines that connect the triangle and the inner corner of the eye.

  • The lines that meet

Michelle begins by drawing a line which starts from the inside of the eye and which will end in a “wing”, then she draws another “wing” which starts from the outer hollow of the eye and which goes join the one above. Then it’s a snap. We come to fill the empty space.

  • The felt pressed along the lash line

For a more natural look, she recommends a felt tip pen with a longer tip than the one she uses for the previous looks. You just need to gently press the felt along the lash line, you arrange everything and you’re done.

For those who still haven’t found the right method, all you have to do is buy stickers that you will gently place along your lashes: quick and easy.

We recommend … the Liner Christophe Danchaud from Absolution, a liquid eyeliner and organic ideal for the most sensitive eyes and mucous membranes. A color intense black, plant pigments … nothing to say: with its natural ingredients and its hold, it leaves us with a charming gaze all day long.

Sananas: a perfect line with gel and liquid eyeliner

The French influencer Sananas reveals her tips and tricks to have the perfect cat eye, on top of her glitter eyeshadow, with a jar eyeliner and a precision brush !

  • Arm yourself with your cream or gel eyeliner and a small-tipped brush to be able to work with precision on the make-up product. Then trace a small line at the level of the outer corner of the eye, a bit as if we were going to connect his eye to his eyebrow. THEe eyebrow can be taken as a reference point, since the length of the line of the liner should be approximately the sourci lengthl according to the beauty specialist.
  • Connect the line to the middle of the eyelid and stretch the line of liner towards the inner corner while connecting to the line made before.
  • Then fill in. It suffices to perfect the outline, to darken it a little more to give it moreintensity. Do as you wish: fill in the holes, stretch the line, etc.
  • And There you go ! the cat eye is yours. SIf you want an even more intense look, use liquid eyeliner on top, and apply your prettiest mascara.

We recommend you: Eyeslipsface cream eyeliner. Its low price will delight your wallet and your eyelids. It is a makeup product unavoidable of the brand, which exists in several shades and offers unstoppable precision for your pretty eyes.

Now that you have the techniques to apply your eyeliner like a pro, it’s up to you to dare the shapes and colors on your eyelids.

And if you are looking for best eyeliners, see the article the top 3 eyeliners for January, which will surely help you in your choice.

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