The Blurred Chignon | Cannes Hairstyle Tutorial

The Blurred Chignon |  Cannes Hairstyle Tutorial

Cannes Hairstyle Tutorial

La Maison DESSANGE, Official Hairdresser of the Cannes Film Festival, unveils the four essential hairstyle trends of the famous red carpet climb of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.

Summer hairstyle with light material and soft rendering, this Fuzzy bun with ’60s allure is a timeless on the Croisette and can adapt to any situation. The few strands around the face create an ultra-feminine look and are placed for a sophisticated or natural result.

Claudia Zocco, DESSANGE Fasteners and Buns expert, deliver his secrets to turn into a star for a night and realize this essential trend yourself.

Discover, in exclusivity, the step-by-step detailed in photos to reproduce this particularly glamorous fuzzy bun yourself.

Step 1 – Texturize the material at the roots thanks to DESSANGE Natural Fixation Lacquer.

Stage 2 – Replace the natural movements of the hair and continue by creating the different separations. Start by separating the part corresponding to the volume of the top of the head. Continue by drawing a triangle on the back of the head. Finish by insulating one side, then the other.

Step 3 – Crêpe the area of ​​the triangle first.

Then place Kirby pins that crisscross to create the attachment point of the hairstyle.

Then, strongly backcomb the top area to create the final volume of the hairstyle.

TIP: To facilitate styling, apply DESSANGE Destructuring Styling Cream directly to the hands.

Step 4 – Twist and place the volume of the top area on your finger and secure with a large bun pin.

Step 5 – Twist the two remaining sides and create a twist.

Texturize it with DESSANGE Texturizing Powder and loosen the material.

Finally, create and place the back volume of the hairstyle, then secure it with large pins.

Harmonize everything and finalize the hairstyle with DESSANGE Natural Fixation Lacquer.

That’s it !

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