The Bohemian Double Braid | Cannes Hairstyle Tutorial

The Bohemian Double Braid |  Cannes Hairstyle Tutorial

The Bohemian Double Braid

La Maison DESSANGE, Official Hairdresser of the Cannes Film Festival, unveils the four essential hairstyle trends of the famous red carpet climb of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.

Glued or on the cob, braids are a sure bet when it comes to treading the red carpet. This Double bohemian braid is the version to adopt this year: the relief created by the braids slightly loose on the top plays the opposition with the volumes plated on the sides for a look that is both elegant and bohemian.

Claudia Zocco, DESSANGE Fasteners and Buns expert, deliver his secrets to turn into a star for a night and realize this essential trend yourself.

Discover, in exclusivity, the detailed step-by-step to reproduce yourself this particularly worked bohemian double braid.

Step 1 – First, perform a middle line separation. Then, make a diagonal separation on one side then on the other then isolate the upper parts with an elastic. Also tie the bottom parts with an elastic.

2nd step – From the bottom part, make a braid with 3 branches, and texturize it with DESSANGE Texturizing Powder, then loosen it for a prettier finish.

Step 3 – Apply DESSANGE style fixing spray on the edges then create volume using the dryer and fingers. Make 2 plaits glued on each side.

TIP: To create volume at the start of each of the two braids, use DESSANGE Fixing Spray.

Step 4 – Texturize each braid with DESSANGE Texturizing Powder, and loosen them.

Step 5 – Create the back volume and secure it with large bun pins. Then tie the 2 braids crossing. Finally, loosen and harmonize the whole hairstyle.

That’s it !

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