The care schedule for pretty feet!

The care schedule for pretty feet!

The care schedule for pretty feet!

Very stressed and often locked, the feet are a part of the body abused during the thousands of steps taken daily. As the beautiful days approach, and our feet are destined to be exhibited in pretty sandals, it’s time to pamper them and banish horn, calluses and badly trimmed nails … What are the right gestures for pretty, healthy and fit feet? in beauty ?

Cleanse and moisturize your feet daily

The foot is an area physiologically destined to dry out. The heel especially, which rubs and presses against the ground all day long, constantly thickens and dehydrates. When the skin is too dry, it cracks and painful cracks can appear. Simple actions allow you to hydrate and take care of your feet to repair dry areas and prevent the appearance of calluses.

It is recommended to clean your feet daily before bedtime, using a brush and an antibacterial soap, without forgetting to go between your toes and under your fingernails.

Once a week, a foot bath will complement this routine, preferably in cool or lukewarm water. Add essential oils or bath salts containing pine, mint, rosemary, sweet orange or eucalyptus, to relax the feet. In addition to the well-being of the feet, it will prepare the skin for the next step. Once the epidermis is softened with water, any small roughness will be erased. The watchword: keep a light hand! The horn is a protection. The more you attack it, the more it gets stronger. The objective is therefore not to eradicate it, but to equalize it. Forget the too aggressive metal rasp, and opt for a natural pumice stone or a coarse-grained scrub.

Then take the time to dry your feet well, because humidity weakens the skin. Then massage them with a moisturizer, moving up from the toes to the ankle, and focusing on the rougher areas. The drier the skin, the richer the cream should be. DESSANGE Foot Moisturizing Gel-Cream, with suave citrus notes, comforts, soothes and relieves dry and damaged feet. Its formula penetrates quickly without a greasy finish. The skin is softer, more supple and is adorned with a satin finish. At the heart of its formula, babassu oil nourishes the skin, squalane comforts and sublimates it, while betaine, provitamin B5 & aquaxil provide long-lasting hydration.

Take care of your nails for beautiful feet

For pretty nails, look for a nutritious supply of silica (vegetables, cereals, citrus fruits, radishes, olives, and all plants rich in fiber). Also take a zinc cure by favoring cereals, brewer’s yeast, mushrooms, beans, seafood and fish.

Long toenails tend to collect dirt more easily. A short haircut will prevent the growth of bacteria and also reduce the risk of small aches or discomfort. Trim your straight nails with a clean nail clipper without touching the corners, to avoid the risk of ingrown toenails. Prefer the use of a file for the angles in order to avoid the nails catching or splitting.

The nails can sometimes have irregularities on the surface. These streaks are due to repeated friction. The toes curled up or tapping in the front of the shoe due to shoes that are too tight or too high undergo micro-traumas which, by force, cause slight deformations of the nail. Apply a Nourishing oil for nails and contours, enriched with vitamin E and sweet almond oil, to nourish dry, ridged and weakened nails. Massage with the finger to make it penetrate. This treatment is completed with a fortifying nail and contour cream, a real beauty secret, ideal for soft, brittle, split and weakened nails. Rosehip oil, with nourishing properties, and a combination of extracts of raspberry seed oil, sweet almond and castor oil, with fortifying properties, reveal more resistant nails, as if regenerated.

Varnish and pretty feet

So that the foot can breathe, allow at least two weeks to elapse between two applications of varnish. Always apply a protective primer before coloring the nails. This will help smooth the surface of your ridged nails and strengthen your weakened nails. Nourishing seaweed extracts with vitamin E take care of the nails.

Foot care: a tailor-made pedicure

DESSANGE urban spas offer women a cozy place dedicated to the beauty and well-being of the feet. Comfortably seated, relaxed, they can benefit from the treatment protocols specially designed by DESSANGE experts. Balinese ritual with lukewarm candle, thalasso-spa with hydro-massage bathโ€ฆ ideal for getting off on the right foot!

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