the chic bun to face the summer heat

the chic bun to face the summer heat

the chic bun to face the summer heat

After the ponytail, the glued braid or even the messy bun, we quickly made the rounds of “anti-transpi hairstyles” for our neck. Think again, a new kid is added to the list: the cord knot bun, literally understanding “the cord knot bun”. This easy-to-make hairstyle is as glamorous as it is effortless. Worn at the bottom of the neck, this updo inspired by Meghan Markle’s hairstyles seduces with its flexibility since it suits any event and any hair type or length. This knot that strews the ships invites itself into our hair to blow a breeze of freshness in our necks.

A chic and relaxed hairstyle

The cord knot bun with sound worked and elegant appearance suitable for all occasions. We wear it in the evening, but also for a swimming pool or even to a wedding. This messy bun a more worked can be accompanied by accessories such as colored hair clips or trendy scrunchies.

We can also curl our hair for a more voluminous effect. In reality, no need to complicate the task, the cord knot bun is sufficient on its own and can be found on all hair: straight or curly, thin or thick, long or short. For clear the neck during the heat of summer, this hairstyle technique is the string that was missing from our bow.

How to make a cord knot bun?

We fall for its worked side, while it is actually very easy to do. Know that your cord knot bun will hold better on dirty hair. Start by making a straight line then comb your entire hair. To give a disheveled styled effect, apply a texturizing spray to the roots of your lengths, especially if you have straight hair.

Tie your hair back in a low tail, but don’t end up going through all the hair. Leave them in a half-tail what should look like a drop. Leave a few strands free to camouflage the elastic by twisting them around it. Place a few clamps to secure the hairstyle and apply a hairspray so that your cord knot bun lasts all day.

A hairstyle in two minutes flat that makes you believe that we spent hours there, we say yes! This summer hair trend is to be reproduced in all seasons and in all ways. If you want to share your own tips for making the cord knot bun, go to the forum, section Beauty, Make-up.

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