the “crab claw” is back!

the "crab claw" is back!

the “crab claw” is back!

2021 marks the big comeback of the legendary Spice Girls accessory: the crab claw. This forceps with sharp teeth (not really, but almost) scratched the skull and pinched the fingers, or the mouth, of teenagers of the 90s. It was used in particular to tie the hair before the shower so as not to wet it or when one had forgotten to pass by the shampoo box. Today our dear crab claw has grown up well and is even part of the latest Alexander Wang parade. Focus on the return of a trend that we were impatiently awaiting.

A success in the 90s of short duration

If we had to describe the crab claw in a few words, it would look like this: a large forceps with large teeth, often ultracolored or with a tortoiseshell motif in grandmother’s glasses fashion. It owes its name to the opening and closing system reminiscent of a crab’s claws (yes yes it goes very far).

We don’t really like it for its chic side, but more for its practical side. A little rolled up ponytail and voila a folded and firmly fixed hairstyle. But then why was this gift from heaven vulgarly stored in a drawer next to the Babyliss straightener? Because minimalist fashion has given way to flat, very straight hairstyles. After a little empty period, this vestige of the 90s therefore finally returns from the dead for our greatest hair happiness.

How to choose the crab claw that will make our heart beat?

First of all, this depends on your hair type. If you have thick, curly or frizzy hair, the XXL crab claw with large teeth is for you. On the other hand, if you have fine, straight hair, it may slip. Favor a medium-sized crab claw with slightly finer teeth to secure your hairstyle.

As for the colors, there are so many that you are spoiled for choice. This summer, we particularly dare floral patterns. Daily, the black model is essential. Finally, for your festive evenings, when it will be possible again, the silver models or with rhinestones will be the most suitable. In metal or plastic, it easily replaces the elastic. Here are the crab claws that we are going to hurry to buy.

1 – Hair clips, H&M

See these pliers

2 – Hair clip – sage green, ASOS

See this pliers

3 – Tortoiseshell Print Zig-Zag Hair Clips, Urban Outfitters

See this pliers

4 – Hair clip with flower, SheIn

See this pliers

What hairstyle to adopt with a crab claw?

We have already mentioned ponytail, in low or high version, as the basic use for the crab claw. But you can also try a bun whether in banana, dancer, half-bun or even better loose mode with two small wicks on the front that fall.

On a fuzzy braid, the small size crab clip allows you to fix flyaways and bring style to your hairstyle. No need to have long hair to wear the crab claw, it all depends on the size of it. Favor unstructured hairstyles, a little crumpled to have maximum volume and stay in the trend of the nineties.

No more worrying about your hairstyle of the day, keep your back cool and free your neck with the crab claw. We know, it could have been a great advertising slogan … While waiting for our career change, share your love for crab claws on the forum.

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