The ‘Good Fortune’ star claims to be a ‘non-profit’ actor

The 'Good Fortune' star claims to be a 'non-profit' actor

Paris, 2021-12-10 13:38:27. The ‘Good Fortune’ star claims to be a ‘non-profit’ actor

Welsh actor Michael Sheen, known for his roles in Good Omens, Underworld and Twilight, has announced that he is a “non-profit” actor and intends to stop seeking profits from his future acting roles – and instead donate the money he earns to various social projects.

In a recent interview with The Big Issue, Sheen recalled a turning point in his career during a 2011 performance of “Passion,” a 72-hour production through the streets of Port Talbot, Wales, where he hails from.

Shen said he got to know people and organizations in his hometown that he didn’t know existed, and found it devastating when he returned to visit months later to find out that funding had run out for charities and organizations that were serving the community.

Wanting to help, the 2019 Cardiff Homeless World Cup provided Shane a way to use his vast fortune accumulated after years in the industry. With news that the event was canceled due to funding issues, Shane, who was involved in organizing the cup, sold his two homes to make it a reality.

“It was so scary and stressful, and I’m going to pay for it for a long time,” Shane revealed in the interview. “But when I came out on the other side, I realized I could do that kind of thing, and if I keep making money, it wouldn’t destroy me.”

Shen said the decision felt “liberating.”

“I have basically transformed myself into a social enterprise, a not-for-profit representative,” he said.

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