the High Bun by Marina Ruy Barbosa

the High Bun by Marina Ruy Barbosa

the High Bun by Marina Ruy Barbosa

The 23 year old brazilian actress caused a sensation during his second climb of the steps of this Cannes Film Festival. For the occasion, our DESSANGE studio hairdresser, Karine Valbrun, made a simple, elegant attachment : a high bun, perfect for highlighting her hazel eyes and red hair.

Here are the steps to reproduce it:

Step 1:

Apply the DESSANGE volume-creating Mouse from roots to ends.

Step 2:

Dry your hair using a round brush.

Step 3:

Use a curling iron to curl your hair in lengths only.

Step 4:

Spray DESSANGE Natural Fixing Lacquer on a flat brush and on your roots, then brush your hair by bringing it back.

Step 5:

Pull your hair up above your head using your brush, making sure to straighten it well. Then create a twist that you wrap around your finger to create the bun.

Step 6:

Use a rubber band to keep the bun high above your head, making sure to bring out the ends slightly. Finish the hairstyle by fixing small pins all around the bun.

Step 7:

Spray again a cloud of DESSANGE Natural Fixing Lacquer over the entire head of hair, to fix and smooth the last little unruly hair located in the back of the neck and at the level of the ears.

Pro tip : be careful not to make a perfect bun, it must remain natural and not too neat. The contrast must be between the impeccably pulled hair that shines and the bun a little more “wild”.

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