the Low Bun of Paz Vega

the Low Bun of Paz Vega

the Low Bun of Paz Vega

Near Ester Exposito on Tuesday, it was another Spanish actress who stood out on the red carpet last night. For this new climb of the stairs, Paz Vega sported an elegant low bun. Antoine Wauquier, DESSANGE studio hairdresser, gives you his secrets to reproduce it at home.

Step 1 :

On dry or towel-dried hair, spray a few pressures of Thermoactive Texturizing Water on the lengths to bring texture, volume and support to the hair. Then proceed to drying.

2nd step :

Draw a line in the middle then brush the hair to smooth their scales and bring shine to the hair. Make sure you comb the strands from the front to the front.

Step 3:

Make wavy waves with a curling iron by applying a veil of natural fixing lacquer to each strand before curling. Make these waves all over your head except for the front strands where you only need to curl the half lengths and ends. Giving this wavy movement to the hair will then allow it to be rolled up more easily when creating the bun and to have the ends already worked.

Step 4:

Apply Texturizing Powder to the half-lengths and ends to get a good hold of the bun. With an elastic, make a low ponytail a little loose, letting the front strands partially cover the ears.

Step 5:

Twist the lengths of the ponytail at their base, then roll them up to create the bun, taking care to let the hair end down. Secure the bun using bun pins.

Step 6:

Pull a few strands out of the bun to frame the face and curl them lightly. To finish, spray again a veil of Lacquer natural fixation on the whole in order to maintain the hairstyle.

Photos: © Yan Maisani © Pierre Mouton
Video: © Théo Deffaux

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