the must-have shine trend for this fall!

the must-have shine trend for this fall!

the must-have shine trend for this fall!

Autumn is here, it is the season conducive to care. To face the start of the new school year and new projects, there’s nothing like getting your style back in shape: we dare to change, but gently. To bring a breath of freshness and shine to his hair, we put on the hair gloss. If you still have some reservations about this choice, DESSANGE takes stock of this perfect coloring trend to revive damaged hair.

What is hair gloss?

Gentle coloring technique without ammonia, the hair gloss gives an unparalleled shine to your color in a natural way. It boosts the color by giving it relief and nourishing the hair. A true light sensor, the gloss revives the shine of your hair and makes it more supple. There are several kinds: indeed, can be called “gloss”, more or less intensive colorations because they integrate powerful components to boost the shine of your hair. However, this is about shine rather than pure coloring modification, although the result can be confusing.

Who is he talking to ?

The gloss will make people happy since it is suitable for all! Coloring, sweeping, highlights, tone on tone, you can sublimate the radiance of your natural color or not thanks to the use of the hair gloss. However, it will be more visible on blondes by slightly varying the shades of your highlights. The gloss will effectively bring more relief to light colors with deeper shades. On brunettes, it will rather be content to bring shine and play less on the differences in tones.

How does the gloss work?

It is strongly recommended to do your gloss in the salon. A hairdressing professional will indeed be able to adapt the exposure time according to your request. A bit like all types of coloring, the longer your hairdresser will leave your gloss on, the more the result will be visible and the more intense reflections. It’s all a matter of preference and dosage according to the desired effect.

How is the hair gloss maintained?

Hair gloss, even if it is very discreet, must be maintained regularly to maintain its shine until winter! Use our GLOSS EFFECT light reflector treatment 2 to 3 times a week to fix your reflections for as long as possible. On average, it helps to know that the hair gloss retains its shine for about 6 weeks. It all depends of course on the frequency of washing and the intensity of your gloss when applying it.

So for supple and sparkling hair, you know what you have to do: quickly discover all of our hair treatments to maintain lasting shine and approach the cool season in peace!

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