The new cocoa blond trend

The new cocoa blond trend

The new cocoa blond trend

With the return of winter, the remnants of blonde highlights from the holidays gently fade from the hair. To give a little relief and light to your color, fall for the big hair color trend of the season: cocoa blonde. A cool brown with light and bright reflections reminiscent of a breakfast bowl of milk chocolate. Discover with DESSANGE this warm coloring with a name full of gluttony!

The new hair color trend this winter: cocoa blonde

Cocoa blonde is a color halfway between ash brown and warm blonde. Its highlights can sometimes be gray or purple depending on the hair color base. Cocoa blonde is easily achievable on brunettes but blondes can also easily adopt it.

On a brown base, your hairdresser colorist will suffice tolighten certain parts of the hair to give these creamy highlights, so characteristic of cocoa blond. Lighter hair should first take care to darken its natural base.

Cocoa blonde is a combination of colors, so it can be carried out using different techniques : light sweep, tie and dye, etc.

The nuances of cocoa blonde

the cocoa blonde gets its original name warm and soft colors of milk chocolate that we mix with breakfast. This coloring offers the hair warm and bright shades, ideal for facing the greyness of winter and give shine. Cocoa blonde hair is highlighted thanks to the contrast between the warm tones of the roots and the cool tones of the lengths with creamy reflections.

Cocoa blond is a sober and elegant coloring that can be worn very easily on a daily basis. The warm and luminous shades give radiance to all skin tones.

Cocoa blonde: for what types of hair?

Cocoa blond is characterized by a base and roots that take on cool brown. It is therefore less restrictive for brunettes to obtain this final result. Your colorist will only have to lighten some strands of hair with lighter and warmer reflections.

Blond and light brown hair are not excluded, however: they should simply go through the box total coloring to darken and cool their base before achieving lighter highlights over the lengths.

Curly, curly, wavy or straight, all hair types and lengths can be tried on this color!

How to get a perfect cocoa blonde?

For a professional result, meet in your DESSANGE salon. Only a professional colorist will succeed in reproducing the cocoa blonde effect to perfection.

In order to get closer to this cocoa color, your hairdresser colorist will work all of your hair with cool and dark shades for a cool brown effect. It will then illuminate your base with clear, warm and golden reflections to give relief.

How to maintain its cocoa blonde color?

In order to keep this nice contrast as long as possible, it is advisable toadopt an adapted hair routine, made up of products for colored hair: shampoo and mask.

The light strands should not be forgotten so that they do not turn color. So do once a week care for blond hair.

And as with any color, it is important to nourish your hair deeply. Coloring or discoloration tends to weaken the hair. To prolong the luminous effect of cocoa blonde and preserve the shine of the hair, make nourishing and moisturizing masks every week.

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