the new color trend to adopt for winter

the new color trend to adopt for winter

the new color trend to adopt for winter

Winter is cold, it’s sad, it’s the season when we generally lack energy and motivation. If you can’t change your morale with a snap of your fingers, you can change your mind. If we say “Hibernation Hair” you say? … Focus on this hair color trend that requires little maintenance.

Hibernation Hair: where do we place the small dot in the large color chart?

Yes yes, you read “Hibernation Hair” correctly. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis color “to hibernate” is toobtain a coloring that is easy to wear for winter and requires very little maintenance (hence the term hibernation). Concretely we darken the natural base of our hair a few tones to approach a cold brown. We still leave a few lighter strands around the face and at the ends.

So when the color begins to fade, it will let appear neither more nor less than your natural hair. Clearly, by choosing the “Hibernation Hair” trend, you choose to spend the winter in the warmth without having to worry about the next appointment with the hairdresser. Not bad is not it ?

Brunettes don’t count for plums

Regardless of whether it dates from over thirty years ago, Lio’s famous song seems to be right. Fashions come and go : yes yes, brunettes are popular this winter. If the blond always sits on the bench of the popular, brown is not left out. For the best, because it is easier not only to maintain, but also and above all to obtain.

So over to you the “Hibernation Hair” trend for this winter 2021/2022! Be careful though to choose the color and not to make a color too dark. It is best to ask your hairdresser for help in determining what would look best on you. depending on the undertones of your skin. At least for the first time!

So you want to embrace the “Hibernation Hair” trend? Show us the result on our forums or on our social networks.

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