the perfect fit for juggling short and long

the perfect fit for juggling short and long

the perfect fit for juggling short and long

To cut or not to cut. The eternal question to which the answer evolves every day. If it is tempting to change your mind, it is normal to be a little afraid to take the plunge. The “Butterfly Haircut” then presents itself as the ideal alternative so that you don’t have to choose.

A clever mix of short and long

Who says you have to necessarily choose between the short and the long? The principle of the “Butterfly Haircut”, or “butterfly cut” in French, is to combine the two. Result: you change your mind without being too radical.. The qualification of “butterfly” was found by Sunnie Brook, the hairstylist of American actress Olivia Rodrigo, model Bella Hadid, actress and producer Margot Robbie and many other stars.

To be honest, this cut that gives the illusion of a square nothing new : Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) already wore it proudly in the first seasons of the cult series of the 2000s, “Desperate Housewives”. But basically it doesn’t matter. We fully validate this little vintage side which is back in the top in trends this season.

The false square without cutting its lengths

To have a perfect “Butterfly Haircut”, nothing could be simpler. The idea is to ask your hairdresser to degrade your hair in the front to such an extent that the shortest strands will be a few inches below your chin (about 5 centimeters).

Hop! The coveted tiered cut is yours this fall-winter 2021/2022. Only one constraint: for this to give the expected effect, this cut must be made on the basis of hair that is a minimum long. Yes, the contrast effect is important! Note also that this haircut will be much easier to approach if you have naturally straight hair.

Abandoned for a few years, the “Butterfly Haircut” returns to the hair world, and this for the better. Have you noticed this trend before and wanted to tackle it? Or did the editorial staff convince you? Come and show us the result on our forums or via our social networks.

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