the retro trend is back this fall

the retro trend is back this fall

the retro trend is back this fall

You might still have some doubts, but we assure you: the fashion of the 90s and 2000s is definitely making a comeback. Already present in touches in the summer collections, it is all the more essential this fall. And the world of beauty is not to be outdone. Among the hairstyles in vogue in 2021 and more particularly next fall, we find mini-braids. Like a vague memory of Christina Aguilera over 20 years ago …

A retro and bohemian hairstyle

The principle ? Two small braids that frame the face which we owe in large part to designer Alexander Mc Queen. When fashion week fall in 2019, some models proudly approached this hairstyle. A retro trend also popularized by rap and RNB personalities in the 2000s, and adopted by many models this summer 2021. Neither one nor two, mini-braids (or baby braids) have invaded Instagram to become a staple in recent months.

“I like to do two small braids on each side of my face. They’re fun – a bit retro and bohemian – and help create a subtle border around my face, ”says Los Angeles-based hairstylist Justine Marjan.

Nothing could be simpler to achieve them: we isolate two small strands in front along the face that we braid neither too loose nor too tight. The ideal is to be able to do without elastic by slightly crimping the ends. And here you are ready! And if you are still hesitating, here are some looks that should inspire you :

The braid: a timeless hairstyle with strong meaning

Historically, braids are a thousand-year-old hairstyle that dates back to prehistoric times and more precisely to the Nok civilization, installed in North Africa, near the territory of present-day Egypt. She then extended massively throughout the continent and then in Asia until it became a real tradition, synonymous with resistance.

During the slave trade, braids were indeed used to hide food such as rice or other seeds before crossing. They were also seen as a way to reclaim one’s culture after being razed by the slave traders. Flagship hairstyle of the years 90-2000 which has crossed the centuries, baby braids are therefore inviting themselves again on our heads for an assumed retro style.

So what do you think of this hairstyle trend? Are you going to succumb to it, or even make it your hairstyle of choice this fall? Come and discuss this on our forums.

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