The return of the tapered bangs, how to adopt it?

The return of the tapered bangs, how to adopt it?

The return of the tapered bangs, how to adopt it?

For a radical hair change, daring women almost all fall for bangs. But if the classic fringe and its slightly strict look can scare more than one, it is towards its bohemian version that the trend is leaning this season: the tapered bangs. This lightened version bangs bring a much more informal effect. Inspired by the cuts of icons Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, it has made its comeback in the past few years.

What are tapered bangs?

The tapered bangs are less thick and straight than traditional bangs. It is unstructured: its lengths are degraded on the tips and tapered in order to breathe a breeze of lightness and fluidity. It is usually cut with a scissor tip and offers a casual look.

How to wear the tapered bangs?

The tapered bangs have the advantage of being very malleable and is therefore very easy to comb on a daily basis. To enjoy the light and relaxed look of the bangs, leave it natural and place it with your fingers. If you want to give it a little hold, spray a light veil of hairspray.

If the delicacy of the tapered fringe makes it supple and malleable, it is necessary avoid styling it too much. It is precisely the very natural style of the tapered bangs that makes all its charm.

If you’ve fallen for its long version, you can afford a few alternatives. You can for example try to wear on the side, smoothed over the forehead, a bit like a wick or to fix it with bars.

For days without shampoo, consider dry shampooing. Indeed, bangs tend to grease much faster that the rest of the hair and the tapered bangs then lose their flexibility. In general, although this is very tempting, try to touch your bangs as little as possible during the day.

Who can wear the tapered bangs?

Tapered bangs are a lot less stringent than straight bangs, so they more easily adapt to your cut. It works just as well with a short boyish cut, as with a mid-length bob or long wavy hair.

Find the right bangs for your face

The big advantage of tapered bangs is thatit is suitable for all face shapes and adapts to all haircuts. Round, square faces, as well as small faces are advised to avoid straight bangs which will only harden their features.

On the other hand, the tapered bangs are ideal for these body types. She refines round and tight faces, softens square faces and also gently hides large foreheads.

The tapered bangs, for which hair?

Contrary to popular belief, bangs aren’t just for straight hair. Indeed, thick, fine, straight or wavy hair also lends itself perfectly to tapered bangs.

On the other hand, if you have the curly or frizzy hair, you might have a hard time adopting this look. With rather thin bangs, these hair types tend to come up and curl. Your bangs will lose their shape, will be difficult to style and you will then miss the desired tapered effect.

If you have fine hair, your DESSANGE hairdresser will take care not to not too thin your hair so as not to give a neglected effect to your cut. There must be a minimum of material to obtain a nice flexible movement.

If very dark hair hardens facial features, the tapered bangs give them a less harsh look and is therefore recommended for a fresh and light style. But the tapered bangs do just as well on lighter hair.

What are the different styles of tapered bangs?

This season’s tapered bangs are worn quite long and touches the eyebrows a little. It delicately frames the face and offers a bohemian look. You can play around with the length of the sides to blend your tapered bangs more or less with your cut.

For a cut that is a little more glamorous and sexy, you can fall for Brigitte Bardot’s mythical tapered bangs: long and thick, it lightly covers the eyebrows and forehead and stretches outwards from the face like curtain bangs.

Novices may also succumb to a slightly tapered bangs that cover the entire forehead.

Finally, if you appreciate the retro look à la Jane Birkin, go for the vintage tapered bangs. Shorter and more tapered, it offers a slightly mischievous look with its tousled hairstyle.

How to maintain tapered bangs?

Hair grows an average of one centimeter per month. To prevent your tapered bangs from covering your eyes and getting in your way, you will need to maintain them regularly. A touch-up every month will be necessary. Despite the many tutorials available on the Internet and for obvious reasons, do not cut your bangs yourself! Make an appointment in your DESSANGE hairdressing salon. A professional will know how to best adapt the tapered bangs to your face and your cut.

To bring a little volume and a rounded effect to your tapered bangs, your DESSANGE hairdresser recommends that you go for a light, very subtle balayage.

If you ever get tired of your tapered bangs, you can easily blend them into the rest of your hair as you grow. As its cut is not straight, it can easily turn into a strand over time.

To take care of your tapered bangs, favor hair care for fine hair with rinse. On the other hand, avoid overly nourishing serums and sprays which risk increasing its fall.

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