The secrets of Californian sweeping

The secrets of Californian sweeping

The secrets of Californian sweeping

Technique invented and perfected over time by Dessange, Californian balayage has no equal to recall the sun and give this unique beach return effect to the hair. Keeping its shine while giving the hair a subtle boost of shine is possible and the result is striking. From luminous golden streaks for an ultra-natural melted effect : finally discover all the secrets of Californian sweeping.

What is Californian sweep?

Californian sweep is a partial coloring technique, which lightens hair strand by strand in several shades of blonde, from the framing of the face to the crown of the head. Contrary to tie and dye, the effect is melted, there is no demarcation or visible root.

Californian sweep illuminates and enhances the natural color very gently, with a sunburn effect and return from vacation, so we stick to one or two shades lighter than its natural color. It’s a very delicate technique, thought out and embodied by Jacques Dessange, and his art lies in the nuances and the way to apply the lightening product.

How is a Californian sweep going at Dessange?

For an absolutely perfect fade and subtle effect, your hairdresser prioritizes the most visible strands framing the face and on the top of the head, which would have cleared naturally in the sun. he goes accentuate the lightening on the tips, and as a shaded hair, blend the strands discreetly throughout the hair. With the addition of warm pigments, the colorist can also accentuate the shine.

Creator of Californian sweeping, Dessange reinterprets this coloring technique with as much passion.. Executed with a brush and executed in the open air on long hair, the Californian sweep is applied to the surface of the hair and not deep down to obtain dark roots and lighter ends. The result is very natural and blended for a successful “return from vacation” effect.

All our colorists master this “patented” Dessange technique with meticulousness., specific to our exhibitions since exclusively taught in Dessange Training Centers.

Timeless and revisited in each collection, Californian balayage can be done on short hair as well as on long hair. For each client, a double customization of the color is designed: the colourist creates a tailor-made mix, formulated from the coloring product, incorporating vegetable milk.

It then completes and finalizes the service with a personalized patina made from natural pigma shampoos and color optimizers. Tailor-made remains at Dessange the secret of a radiant and lasting Californian sweep!

We invite you to check with your favorite hair salon to find out the price of a scan.

The Californian sweeping technique, for whom?

Particularly popular with blond and light brown hair, Californian sweep can also sublimate brunettes. Indeed, if there is not too much difference in tones between the natural color and the desired balayage, anything is possible. The Californian sweep can therefore highlight any hair and suit every color.

If you are brunette, opt for caramel, honey, hazelnut or copper highlights. If you are blonde, you can go from gold to fleece. This type of sweep gives depth to fair hair, and volume to fine hair.

While Californian balayage really emphasizes long hair, as the undertones can be more developed between the root and ends, it can also be done on short hair. Short squares and bowl cuts will gain beautiful reflections. Straight, frizzy or curly hair, again, Californian balayage suits everything, especially you.

How to maintain your Californian balayage?

Californian balayage doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, other than making an appointment with your hairstylist. every three months to take back the roots and revive your reflections, or touch up every month if you have gray hair.

Nevertheless, you can nurture and maintain the shine of your Californian balayage over the weeks, by protecting the ends of your hair and reviving the highlights:

  • make a moisturizing mask 2-3 times a week,
  • feed your tips with a castor oil bath sometimes,
  • opt for a blue shampoo to prevent the golden blonde from yellowing,
  • favor them moisturizing shampoos and conditioners
  • make lightening cleansing care with chamomile,
  • use a daily serum or oil to hydrate and nourish as needed.

Californian balayage is a partial coloring technique that is less aggressive than total coloring. However, the hair is sensitized. It is therefore not recommended to do more than three scans per year, to avoid tiring and breaking the lengths.

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