The shampoo ritual at DESSANGE

The shampoo ritual at DESSANGE

The shampoo ritual at DESSANGE

When you pass through the doors of a DESSANGE salon, you push open the doors of Enchantment. Enchantment that begins with the shampoo ritual … But do you know what this ritual is really for and its benefits? We explain everything below.

What is the shampoo ritual?

The shampoo ritual is a tailor-made cleansing treatment for the scalp, since it is based on a personalized hair diagnosis determining your needs and expectations.

How does the shampoo ritual work?

This scalp washing treatment is made from one of our Precious Earths, determined during the consultation according to your hair type. There are 4 different Precious Earths:

  • La Terre Pr├ęcieuse Malachite: for scalps to purify
  • La Terre Pr├ęcieuse Or: for scalps to relieve stress
  • La Terre Pr├ęcieuse Perle: for scalps to revitalize
  • La Terre Pr├ęcieuse Cuivre: for scalps to comfort

Once the suitable Precious Earth has been identified, you must select one of our PHYTODESS shampoos, also chosen according to your hair needs. There are more than 10 different PHYTODESS shampoos, no doubt your hairdresser will be able to find the one that suits you!
The application is made after sanitizing the material and only at the roots so as not to weigh down and dry out your lengths. A scalp massage of about one minute follows in order to distribute the treatment well. The product is then rinsed and a second shampoo (only this time) is carried out, in order to rid your hair of any care residues. A 2 / 3min massage is performed to stimulate the microcirculation and soften the scalp.

Care specific to your hair type is also applied to the lengths and ends before rinsing, then cutting / coloring as you wish.

What are the actions of this ritual?

The purpose of the shampooing ritual is to take care of the scalp, to give it special attention thanks to the Precious Earth selected according to your needs, at the time of the hair diagnosis. This ritual allows to fully cleanse the scalp, to provide essential minerals for the good balance of your hair and to revitalize it.

Why was it created?

In addition to representing a privileged moment and accomplice between an employee and his client, the shampoo ritual is a service specific to the DESSANGE brand that you will not find anywhere else. The first PHYTODESS products used during this ritual were developed by DESSANGE employees in the 90s, following their observation that there is no beautiful hair without a balanced scalp. Since then, it has become essential for Maison DESSANGE to take care of your scalp before starting any service. This is how your hair will be the most likely to receive the care / techniques then provided during your appointment.

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