the short square that breaks the codes in 2022

the short square that breaks the codes in 2022

the short square that breaks the codes in 2022

In the middle of Paris Fashion Week, a haircut challenges us: the so-called “Boy Bob”. A square with 90’s spirits that seems to be set as a trend for this new year 2022. Focus on this star of yesteryear who is resurfacing.

The Boy Bob, or the boyish cut straight from the 1990s

1990s, boy bands are at the top. On all the album covers, the singer is distinguished from the rest of the group by a very particular cut. Fairly long hair stopping just above the shoulders, a parting in the middle, a slightly tousled look: the “Boy Bob” was born. Fashion is a cycle and trends lead the way. Thus 2022 welcomes this square to the list of its most popular cuts.

To define the famous “Boy Bob” a little more precisely, we will say that it is a subtle mix between the short square and the long one with graduated lengths. This haircut suits all face shapes and is flexible according to your desires. Sometimes sophisticated, sometimes relaxed in a wavy version, it’s up to you to style it and accessorize it to make it 100% yours.

In writing, one of the greatest advantages found in it is its ease of styling. The “Boy Bob” is worn most of the time with a styled / disheveled effect for our greatest pleasure. In other words a small passage of the fingers in your hair can be enough to consider that you have your hair done for the day. What greatly facilitates your passages in the bathroom in the morning!

Clearly, for those who want to go short, the “Boy Bob” is downright desirable for this winter 2022. At your appointments at the hairdresser! Feel free to come and talk Beauty and various other topics on our forums.

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