The twisted Ponytail | Cannes Hairstyle Tutorial

The twisted Ponytail |  Cannes Hairstyle Tutorial

The twisted Ponytail

La Maison DESSANGE, Official Hairdresser of the Cannes Film Festival, unveils the four essential hairstyle trends of the famous red carpet climb of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.

Focus on the trend of accessorized hairstyles with this pretty Twisted ponytail. Revisiting the timeless ponytail, this red carpet version is accessorized with a barrette according to your desires and outfits for a unique and easy to achieve result.

Alexandre Reboul, DESSANGE Fasteners and Chignons expert, deliver his secrets to turn into a star for a night and realize this essential trend yourself.

Discover, in exclusivity, the detailed step-by-step to reproduce yourself this particularly worked bohemian double braid.

Step 1 – Make a separation from one ear to the other and reserve the upper part.

2nd step – With the lower part, make a ponytail glued to the nape of the neck.

Tip: spray DESSANGE Texturizing Water on the roots to add texture and volume, then dry in hot air.

Step 3 – With the upper part, make a second ponytail, higher and looser.

Step 4 – Turn the ponytail inwards, passing over the elastic to create a twisted effect. Voluntarily release a few strands over the entire hairstyle to give a more natural effect.

Step 5 – Hide the elastic by wrapping a strand around the ponytail and concealing it inside it.

Step 6 – Place the barrette at the level of the elastic of the lower ponytail and finalize the hairstyle using the DESSANGE style fixing spray.

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