the ultra trendy blonde that will boost your hairstyle

the ultra trendy blonde that will boost your hairstyle

the ultra trendy blonde that will boost your hairstyle

Fancy a characteristic hair change for the summer? Do you dream of illuminating your hair? We bet you will love the new trend that has ignited social networks in recent days: vanilla cream! And behind this name does not hide a new scent of ice cream but indeed a coloring for the hair! We show you pictures …

A lively blonde, very luminous

We explained it to you in a recent article, the color that will be the most popular this summer will certainly be red. But now she is closely followed by this newcomer that is the “vanilla cream”. And we can easily say that it is just right! Because in summer, we want more light and reflections in our hair.

We will of course taste these delicious vanilla ice creams … but did you know that we could also to benefit our hair ? Across the Atlantic, vanilla cream coloring is already a hit. This is a lively blonde, very luminous, associated with slightly warmed up and “tanned” roots. A color similar to that of sand. It also reminds us of Barbie’s hair color.

Everything will be beautifully finished by the sun that will come to lighten our locks even more, in a natural way. The sweetness of vanilla cream is really perfect for summer if you are looking for a new hair color to test! To convince you, the editorial team has compiled some photos to show you what it looks like …

10 photos to succumb to this star coloring of the summer

Small precision which is important: like any cold and intense coloring, it will require a regular visit to your hairdresser. and surely, some monthly touch-ups. feel free to ask all the necessary questions to the professional who accompanies you and knows your hair well.

1 – On a square

2 – On long hair

3 – On a square ball

4 – Slightly wavy effect

5 – On long, fine and wavy hair

6 – On long, straight hair

7 – In natural light

8 – With some reflections

9 – A very luminous color suitable for all

10 – A striking before / after

A resolutely refreshing shade that will boost your hairstyle this summer! From our side, we will discover another very trendy hair color: mousy hair. We also share with you all our advice about Brazilian straightening. And finally, we share with you 5 tips to naturally lighten your hair at home.

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