The vintage Wavy | Cannes Hairstyle Tutorial

The vintage Wavy |  Cannes Hairstyle Tutorial

Cannes Hairstyle Tutorial

La Maison DESSANGE, Official Hairdresser of the Cannes Film Festival, unveils the four essential hairstyle trends of the famous red carpet climb of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.

Cascading waves for this ultra-glamorous retro hairstyle. This Vintage wavy adapts to all faces: on one side the hair is slipped discreetly behind the ear, on the other it forms pretty waves for a successful vintage and glamor effect.

Alexandre Reboul, DESSANGE studio hairdresser, deliver his secrets and all the steps to turn into a star for a night and make this Red Carpet trend yourself.

First, prepare the material by applying the DESSANGE Loop Structuring Foam, then dry.

Step 1 – Brush to smooth the material.

2nd step – Make curls with an iron then leave on flat pliers:

– The hair behind the ear requiring less volume, leave the curls flat.
– Conversely, the other side requiring pretty waves, fix the flat pliers in the loop, leaving it all its volume.

TIP: In order to properly discipline each strand before winding it on the iron, first apply DESSANGE Natural Fixation Lacquer then brush to remove the excess.

Step 3 – Leave to cool for 20 minutes then remove the clamps.

Step 4 – Detangle gently then set up the first movements by hand and comb.

Step 5 – Fit the notches with a comb then fix each strand using DESSANGE Natural Fixation Lacquer. When the movement is well defined, immobilize using flat pliers. Repeat the operation for each notch. When all the notches are properly in place and immobilized, remove the clamps.

Step 6 – To finish, finalize with the finger and fix the hairstyle using the DESSANGE style fixing spray.

That’s it !

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