This legendary hairstyle from the 60s is making a comeback

This legendary hairstyle from the 60s is making a comeback

This legendary hairstyle from the 60s is making a comeback

We definitely want vintage hairstyles and accessories to return this spring 2021! After the return of the crab claw, baby braids, velvet accessories or even sixties style hairstyles, here comes the turn of the brushing flip! This name means nothing to you ? But yes, remember. The famous half ponytail on very frizzy hair … well it’s the same system. Except that in 2021, the hairstyle will be carried out on ultra-smooth hair. We tell you everything!

The stars are gagas

Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna or even Millie Bobbie Brown have already been won over by this modernized retro hairstyle. Ultra famous in the 1960s, it is readily associated with the unforgettable Jackie Kennedy.

Its advantage? We approach it as well on a red carpet as for everyday life. We can make it yourself, in a few minutes, as long as you have a little patience and skill.

So what is flip brushing? Well this is a classic brushing where you curl the tip of your hair excessively. And in other words: make them rebel. Yes, a bit (a lot) like Bree Van de Kamp in Desperate Housewifes. We use a round brush to curl its tips, generally outward.

If you are a fan of more “wise” and “classic” hairstyles, you can of course curl them inward. If you have (very) long hair, do not hesitate to make a high tail and to do the brushing flip on what remains. If you have shoulder length hair, do it on a half tail. It’s up to you to decide according to your desires!

Note that you can also add vintage style accessories like the beaded barrettes, velvet bows… Even if it means playing the game, you might as well go all out! A classic / glamorous style among others made popular by the success of the character of Veronica in the series “Riverdale”, available on Netflix (if you need inspiration).

How to do a flip brushing?

Concretely, how does it go to achieve a brushing flip? You already need equipment: a round soft bristle brush to avoid damaging your hair, a hair dryer and some good quality fixing lacquer.

If you have naturally straight hair, skip this step. But you have to start with completely straighten your hair parting you in the middle. Then, using your round brush, generously curl your ends in the desired direction and freeze the movement with your hair dryer.

Likewise, if you want a very marked result, don’t be afraid to overdo the curvature. When finished, don’t forget to put a little fixing hairspray to make your hairstyle last all day. In just 5 minutes, you’re done!

And for all those who don’t have naturally straight hair, don’t panic. There are several tips to smooth them without heat., and therefore, preserve them before trying (and adopting) the famous brushing flip! Here we go, ladies!

From our side, we also give you 10 hairstyle ideas for fine hair. And if you feel like refreshing your haircut at home, here are 6 tips to help you get there while avoiding disaster. There is no more !

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