this winter the blonde offers shades of gray

this winter the blonde offers shades of gray

this winter the blonde offers shades of gray

Do you want to change your mind to welcome this new year? Are you blonde or have bleached hair? Stop everything. We have found THE coloring that will make you capsize. Or rather, THE colors. For this winter 2022, fashion is “steel hair” and “greige”. Kezako? We explain it to you immediately…

Hair coloring: “steel hair” and “greige” for winter

“Steel hair”, or “steel hair” in French, is close to a gray with silver highlights. Of course, this coloring is difficult to achieve on a brown or dark base. On the other hand, if you are blonde and/or have bleached hair, you will be able to test it easily!

This ashy shade is obtained thanks to using gray toner and semi-permanent hair color. The latter helps to de-yellow the hair while neutralizing hot reflections. At the key? Perfect shine. This is a great way to bring your hair back to life and sport a new look in 2022, ultra trendy!

Then comes the “greige”, another super trendy color that designates a beige verging on gray. Fun fact: we see it more and more in decoration catalogs! And it seems to be making a splash on our hair as well. Compared to silk in its raw state, it is obtained by mixing black pigments with those “burnt sienna”. It is this mixture that gives this magnificent color between blond, beige and gray.

10 blonde-grey coloring ideas to inspire you

Do you want to try the experience, but would like to have some photos to present to your hairdresser? The editorial staff shares its 10 favorite blond-gray colorings with you.

1 – Steel hair

2 – Gray

3 – Steel hair, before/after

4 – Greige on square ball

5 – Steel hair & blue highlights

6 – Light greige

7 – Dark steel hair

8 – Greige with shades of purple

9 – Steel hair in shades of pastel blue

10 – Greige on the lengths

Cannon isn’t it? What’s more, this coloring will be very easy to wear on a daily basis. Be careful though: ask your hairdresser about the maintenance (cut and color) of this coloring. If your hair grows back quickly, for example, it will require regular maintenance and therefore a certain budget. Anyway, you can easily wear this color until spring 2022.

Speaking of hair… We help you banish 9 bad habits that damage it. We also talk about hair coloring and the risk for pregnant women. And finally, we present to you “hibernation hair”, the color also very trendy this winter 2022.

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