Toffee manicure: embrace the trend!

Toffee manicure: embrace the trend!

Toffee manicure: embrace the trend!

You must have heard about it, but if it doesn’t ring a bell yet, wait until you see the pictures. The Toffee manicure has become the biggest trend among beauty influencers in recent weeks. It is true that since the start of the lockdown, we have all been spending a lot more time on social media. Because yes again, this is where this phenomenon was born. It must be said that in addition to spending ¾ of our time on Instagram and Pinterest, we also have a lot of time to try new attempts at make-up * and manicure. DESSANGE explains this trend to you and shows you how to make it your own.

What is the Toffee manicure?

The Toffee manicure (“caramel” in English) consists of painting each nail in a different color but always in brown and beige tones. The goal is to create a shade of brown that is easy to wear and which perfectly dresses the hands.

How to reproduce it?

Nothing’s easier ! You just need to have several variations of varnish at home (ideally 5) of the same shade, so as to form a monochrome on your nails. It’s up to you to decide which combination you want to put on your hands.
You can play it classic: by making a gradient with nails painted in increasingly light colors or, conversely, more and more dark. Otherwise, you can do as you see fit, randomly alternating your colors.

Of course, as with every new trend, many derivatives quickly appeared. The Toffee manicure, initially launched in maroon tones, is now available to infinity!
Feel free to wear all the colors you like: yellow, pink, blue… that’s the “Mix & Match” manicure **. The principle is simple: it is you who choose according to your mood, the colors that you want to assemble. The main thing is that each nail should have its own color, and the rendering forms a combination that is pleasing to the eye. To do this, use complementary colors, pastel tones, or a white varnish on one or two fingers that will easily match any other color.
You can also decline these trends on your toenails. With the arrival of sunny days and the deconfinement that is beginning, it will soon be time to bring them out!

** Mix and harmonize

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