Toni Garrn’s Low Ponytail

Toni Garrn's Low Ponytail

Toni Garrn’s Low Ponytail

A must for catwalks and the red carpet, the ponytail is a basic to master. This hairstyle with a very classic reputation can however be revisited in many ways.

Antoine Wauquier, hairdresser studio DESSANGE, reveals here its secrets to make a memorable ponytail with ease.

Step 1:
Spray a few pressures of Style setting spray all over your hair. Thanks to its “anti-frizz” action, this product will be your ally to prepare your hair for straightening and ensure the hold of your styling while bringing shine and softness to your hair.

Step 2:
Draw a line in the middle of your skull using your comb. Then use your brush and your hair dryer to smooth your hair on either side of your head.

Step 3:
Gather your lengths into a low ponytail, and secure it at the back of your neck with a thin elastic.

Step 4:
Pick a fairly thin section under your hair and wrap it around your elastic to hide it.

Step 5:
Secure everything discreetly with small snow pins.

Pro tip: Do not hesitate to place a dab of Tip polishing serum on them in order to coat them, discipline them and to bring them shine and light. All the attention will be focused on them through this hairstyle!

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