Top 5 hairstyle ideas for summer 2016

Top 5 hairstyle ideas for summer 2016

Top 5 hairstyle ideas for summer 2016

The summer season is now installed and it is high time to look at some hairstyle ideas for summer 2016. For this, we called on our round bloggers and Youtube tutorials that are very easy to create. Let’s go for a top 5.

1 – Four hairstyles for long hair

These 4 hairstyle looks are timeless. To achieve them, you will only need a hairbrush, flat clips, simple and fancy elastic bands (colored scrunchie type), a pretty bow (or other if you don’t like) and a bun, to make the bun.

2 – Scarf for wavy hair

We really like this hairstyle idea proposed by the round blogger Gabi Fresh. It immediately gives a lot of pep to a basic summer outfit. The ideal is to have naturally wavy hair, it is the volume that gives all its style to this hairstyle.

3 – Seven hairstyle ideas for short / mid-length hair

Did you think you were really limited by your short hair? Well know that we can find as many hairstyle tips as for longer hair! These 7 looks are very easy to achieve and do not require professional equipment. Let yourself be tempted, you will certainly not be disappointed!

4 – change hair color

Like Tara Lynn, do you also want a hair change? Note that in addition to testing hairstyle ideas for summer 2016, you can also change your hair color. We give you all the steps to know which color will suit your complexion and above all, your desires.

5 – Ceremonial hairstyles

We end this top 5 hairstyle ideas for summer 2016 with two hairstyles for weddings or ceremonies of all kinds. You have the choice between a bohemian twisted bun or loose but very worked hair. You will see that the tutorial is very easy to do, you just have to choose.

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