top wedding hair accessories!

top wedding hair accessories!

top wedding hair accessories!

A wedding or a ceremony in sight? How about accessorizing your outfit with hair accessories and jewelry? Very trendy in this spring-summer 2015, wedding hair accessories allow in the blink of an eye and inexpensively of give pep’s to any formal dress or outfit. And here is our selection.

Flower wedding hair accessories

Wreath with flowers, H&M, € 12.99

For a wedding that takes place in the spring or summer, what better way than to try out flower hair accessories, perfect for the beautiful season. The flowers are discreet on a thin band or on the contrary imposing on a crown.

Set of 2 hair clips, H&M, € 2.99

And above all, not be afraid to try it, because if the big flowers are difficult to assume for an outfit of everyday life, they go almost unnoticed for a ceremony like marriage.

Flower Crown Headband for Wedding, New Look, € 4.99

So we wear our hair accessories on free and natural hair or judiciously incorporated into romantic hairstyle. Be careful though, women with very short hair will avoid accessories that are too big with too imposing flowers. On the contrary, they will move towards fine and discreet accessories.

Hair jewelry

Hair jewelry, La Moda, £ 4.99

If flowers aren’t your cup of tea and you prefer something more refined and understated, you can try your hand at the latest accessory trend: hair jewelry.

Hair chain, Asos, € 21.99

Like floral accessories, hair jewelry is worn on natural hair or integrate easily with a more polished hairstyle. There too you have the choice between massive jewelry and small chains more discreet.

Forehead jewel, New Look, € 3.99

With the hair jewelry, you can easily bring a bohemian or exotic side to your formal wear. And associated with a clutch and pumps, you are guaranteed to transform your outfit into ultra trendy outfit !

Easy to wear wedding hair accessories

Headband, Mango, € 9.99

You will understand, if hair jewelry and flower crowns are extremely trendy and perfectly suited to a wedding, they can seem difficult to postpone then in everyday life.

Scrunchie, Asos, € 26.99

Corn do not bury hair accessories too quickly ! There are others that are much easier to carry over to everyday life. We think of thin headband, of scrunchies or to pretty barrettes which will allow you to accessorize your ceremonial dress and your evening outfits afterwards.

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