Ukraine: Toronto artist auctions Zelensky’s picture to raise funds

Ukraine: Toronto artist auctions Zelensky's picture to raise funds

New York, 2022-04-05 10:52:00. Ukraine: Toronto artist auctions Zelensky’s picture to raise funds

When installation artist and painter Martin Rusocki thought about how to support Ukraine, he decided to raise funds with a portrait of Volodymyr Zelensky.

Previously known for his extensive cooperative facilities, he wanted to create a piece that would resonate with millions and salute the President of Ukraine.

“I am inspired by President Zelensky’s courage and leadership and the fact that he so kindly shouldered the burden of his role,” he said on CTV Your Morning on Tuesday.

“I am superimposing a map of Ukraine on his face. You can see that the two colors contrast each other and kind of represent the roles that he plays. Both the military and the politicians.”

Rusuki was inspired by Shepard Ferry’s iconic image of former United States President Barack Obama since 2008 along with the word “Hope” and the image’s international influence.

“At that point, I looked at a number of photos and realized that President (Zelensky) really had to get into the trenches with the military.

And that gave me the idea to create this, this juxtaposition and in a way that was violently pushed into the role of military as well as political leader.

The portrait of Rusocki first appeared at Casa Loma in Toronto on her Ukrainian day when Mayor John Tory first saw it and invited Ruski to display it at City Hall.

“I was also thrilled that awareness can help raise more money from the photo and of course all proceeds will go to Ukrainians in need,” he said.

The painting will be auctioned at Waddington’s Auction House in Toronto from April 9-14, but interested parties can register for auction from Tuesday.

According to Waddington’s website, all proceeds from the online auction will be donated to the Canada Ukraine Foundation which provides relief funding to regions in need of Ukraine.


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