we tell you all about the “icing” technique

we tell you all about the "icing" technique

we tell you all about the “icing” technique

In recent years, the catwalk trend in terms of hair has been icing: perfect for refreshing a color, playing with tones and intensifying its reflections. But do you know what exactly this popular technique is all about?
Update on hair icing and its benefits!

What is the icing?

Icing in hairdressing (because it also exists on cakes for the most greedy!) Is a lightening technique derived from balayage and located on the ends. We reinforce the depth of the color by accentuating the volumes and reliefs. For this, it is necessary to create areas of light and to keep areas of shade thanks to the natural color of the hair.

What are the benefits of icing?

Softer than coloring, the icing is discreet and gives an undeniable refinement. It also requires less maintenance since the treatment focuses on the ends and leaves the natural roots. No more problems during regrowth!

On the other hand, frosting is ideal for thin hair. Indeed, it allows like any other coloring technique, to create an enigmatic effect of material, sheathing and volume. We then gain in density with the contrast of the colors of the hair, from the tips to the roots. We therefore focus on coloring thick locks and choose a shade a little lighter than its natural base. No more flat and fragile hair, the icing gives them a boost. Your hair then appears revitalized and incomparably soft.

Icing, for whom?

Rest assured, this coloring is suitable for all skin tone types as well as most hair colors (from dark blonde to brown). Consult your DESSANGE colorist to choose shades relatively close to your color, so as to obtain a glamorous and natural look!

How to maintain icing?

Whether you are blonde, brunette or redhead, DESSANGE offers all types of products corresponding to your color and texture of your hair. The more the treatments are adapted to the needs, the more the coloring will last!

We then opt for a color optimizing shampoo that will revive and warm your color (several shades available to suit your color: from blondes to browns, including ruby ​​and gray).
Then apply the Radiance reviving care in accordance with the shampoo previously used: honey highlights, hazelnut highlights or chocolate highlights, there is something for everyone. Optimal hydration and unparalleled shine guaranteed!

What are the by-products of the icing?

Icing, in vogue in hairdressing salons, was created in the line of various degraded coloring techniques. First of all, let’s mention the “Balayage”, mixing several tones on the lengths to give the illusion of a natural color. Then comes the “Tie and Dye”, the lengths of which are discolored for ends lighter than the natural base of the hair.

Finally, let us quote the technique of “Ombré hair”, a gradation of gently 3 intermediate shades applied to the whole of the hair: from the roots to the tip through the lengths.

Find the different DESSANGE treatments to take care of its color over the long term.

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