what colors to adopt this winter?

what colors to adopt this winter?

what colors to adopt this winter?

Bye bye the burgundy and khaki this fall! On the eyes or on the lips, this winter, two (opposing) trends stand out: the gothic look and flashy colors! DESSANGE gives you all the advice for a successful winter make-up.

The light complexion

Exit the ultra covering foundation, we put on an ultra minimalist make-up. The objective is to unify more than to camouflage. This winter, the trend is therefore even more ‘natural’ than nude! We put on a glowy complexion – fresh and luminous – by applying a light diffusing foundation for an immediate “healthy glow” effect and a soft and pleasant “bare skin” sensation then we lightly erase unsightly pores and imperfections with a pen corrector.

Photo source: www.deavita.fr

Dark mouth

Black lacquered lips, plums, chestnuts or even wine red, this winter, the lips are hyper pigmented and colored to give a touch of color to light makeup.

These dark and elegant shades are the new classics! However, they remain easier to assume, and avoid looking too harsh if they are refined by a lighter shade. “Ombre lips”, very fashionable for several seasons, will help you in this process. This technique of applying lipsticks will allow you to bring nuance to a dark color by making a gradient. Use your darkest colors on the exteriors, and finish with the lighter ones in the center of the lips.
In addition, this technique will allow you to have a unique and tailor-made color for lips to fall!

Photo source: www.subleem.com

Eyes as a work of art

Let it be said, this season allows us all the daring and that’s good!
And if the complexion must remain light and luminous, the black and smoky eyes seduce again. Whether it is using a line of graphic eyeliner, a dark smoky eyes, or an XXL mascara, the result must be seen!
Of course, dark colors will be easier to adopt for an evening look… Anyway: exit from the usual recommendations not to combine dark make-up on the lips and on the eyelids as well. This winter, the more we use, the better!

For a less “dramatic” effect, some of us will prefer more flashy colors such as orange, neon pink or even turquoise blue to brighten up our eyes. Dare to use electric mascara and golden glitter delicately deposited on the eyelids or the browbone: wow effect guaranteed!

Photo source: www.bullesdemode.com

To sum up, this slew of good ideas: this winter we are betting on flashy or dark colors, from the mouth to the eyelids, because the main thing is that it shows! But be careful, always keeping the idea of ​​not being disguised but quite simply sublimated!

Photo source: pinterest

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