what if we adopted this daring hairstyle?

what if we adopted this daring hairstyle?

what if we adopted this daring hairstyle?

Ultra trendy this season, the long bob or “French bob” has all the arguments to make us fall for it! What makes it different from other hairstyles? How to adopt and maintain it? We tell you everything! And above all, we show you inspirations.

Audrey Tautou, Nathalie Portman, Kaia Gerber …

Timeless, the square is constantly reinventing itself. Moreover, this year the trend is short. And it comes in 1000 ways. Long, mid-length, short, wild, more disciplined or with fringes … the square adapts to all our hair desires.

But today, the editorial staff decided to focus on the French bob. Bold and dynamic, this short bob can be worn on fine hair as well as on thick hair. And guess what? Across the Atlantic, it is seen as the Parisian hairstyle par excellence!

And yet, it’s been a century since it was revealed. It is believed to have found success in the 1920s when this version of the bob was very popular and equated with the liberation of women. And since then, he has never broken to dazzle us.

We saw it in particular on Audrey Tautou, Nathalie Portman, Kaia Gerber or even, Béatrice Dalle. More recently, he signed the ultra original look of Ursula Corbero aka Tokyo in the hit Netflix series: La Casa de Papel.

French bob: where does it stop?

With a length that stops well above the shoulders and slightly below the ears, the french bob knows perfectly how to highlight the features of the face and sublimate the way we carry the head. Not to mention his innate talent for elegantly clearing the neck.

It is cut at the jaw and chin and gives an unparalleled look. When we curl our hair lightly, we have free hair, wild and full of vitality. And it must be said that the French bob loves the messy, deceptively neglected effect.

It also requires a skilled hairdresser: the straight look of the classic bob must be countered by a staking technique mastered with the tip of the scissors. If you have fine and / or straight hair, professionals recommend using a volumizing powder or a spray to boost your French bob even more.

Conversely, if you have thick and / or curly hair, use a treatment created specifically to tame curls. This will avoid the famous “helmet effect” and will prevent your hair from swelling throughout the day.

How to wear the French bob?

Another little pro tip: don’t hesitate to make a few strands lighter to bring out even more your French bob and give it relief! You can for example adopt the reverse highlights technique.

In a retro version, the French bob is often accompanied by large, short and thick bangs. But again, no obligation. Feel free to sport it without bangs if you prefer to have the forehead open.

The perfect compromise can be the curtain fringe, very popular this year. Not long ago, we introduced you to the little cousin of the French bob: the elongated bob. And if you want to change your head for the arrival of spring, also discover the 5 cuts that will be the most successful!

And while you wait to make up your mind, you can always learn how to curl your hair without heat and play with the velor accessories that are must have this season. So ladies, ready to test the French bob? Tell us everything on the forum!

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