What is Aesculus used for?

What is Aesculus used for?

Aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) has been used for centuries as a treatment for dysentery, bronchitis, hemorrhoids, and venous problems in folk medicine. Clinical studies support its use in chronic venous insufficiency, hemorrhoids, and postoperative edema.

Regarding this, What does horse chestnut do for the body? Horse chestnut extract has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and may help relieve pain and inflammation caused by chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). It may also benefit other health conditions like hemorrhoids and male infertility caused by swollen veins.

What is the use of Aesculus hippocastanum 30? SBL Aesculus Hippocastanum Dilution is an effective remedy for the treatment of varicose veins, haemorrhoids and swollen veins. Aesculus Hippocastanum promotes thinning of blood and reduces swelling of the veins. It is also used to treat eczema, menstrual pain and tissue swelling from the bone fracture or any injury.

Accordingly, Does horse chestnut increase blood pressure?

Horse chestnut extract appears to impair the action of platelets (important components of blood clotting). It also inhibits a range of chemicals in the blood, including cyclo-oxygenase, lipoxygenase and a range of prostaglandins and leukotrienes. These effects result in reduced inflammation and reduced blood pressure.

How do you take Aesculus hippocastanum?

Adults: 4 drops into a tsp. of water 3 times a day. Children: 1/2 dose. Repeat at greater intervals as condition subsides.

How do you use Aesculus cream? Dr Willmar Schwabe India Topi Aesculus hippocastanum Cream is asupportive treatment for hemorrhoids or piles. Direction for Use: The cream should be used 3 – 5 times daily by applying a thin layer to properly cleaned anus. Use applicator for inside.

What are homeopathic medicines? Homeopathy is a medical system based on the belief that the body can cure itself. Those who practice it use tiny amounts of natural substances, like plants and minerals. They believe these stimulate the healing process. It was developed in the late 1700s in Germany.

How do you use Aesculus hip? Directions For Use

Take 3-5 drops with 1 teaspoon of water thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Why are they called horse chestnuts?

Etymology. The common name horse chestnut originates from the similarity of the leaves and fruits to sweet chestnuts, Castanea sativa (a tree in a different family, the Fagaceae), together with the alleged observation that the fruit or seeds could help panting or coughing horses.

What is the use of Hamamelis? Witch hazel has been used to relieve swelling, bleeding, itching, minor pain, and discomfort caused by minor skin irritations (such as cuts, scrapes, insect bites). It is also used to relieve itching, discomfort, irritation, and burning caused by hemorrhoids.

Which Homeopathic medicine is best for fissure? Some of the commonly prescribed homeopathic medicines for Fissure-in-ano are Graphites, Ratanhia, Nitric acid, Paeonia, Sulphur, Silicia, Natrum Muriaticum, etc.

Is homeopathic medicine a steroid?

Says a senior government official in the health ministry, ”There is almost negligible use of steroids in homeopathic medicines.

What is the side effects of homeopathic medicine?

If experienced, these tend to have a Severe expression i

  • confusion.
  • increased pressure in the eye.
  • orthostatic hypotension, a form of low blood pressure.
  • inflammation of the skin due to an allergy.
  • hives.
  • a skin rash.

Does homeopathic medicine affect kidneys? Can Homeopathy treat CKD? Homeopathy is an ideal and effective mode of treatment for Chronic Kidney Disease. Homeopathic treatment controls the creatinine levels and with regular medicines has been seen to bring it back to normal levels in majority of the patients.

How do you take Lycopodium 30?

Adults: 4 drops into a tsp. of water 3 times a day. Children: 1/2 dose. Repeat at greater intervals as condition subsides.

Does horse chestnut thin your blood? Horse chestnut contains significant amounts of a poison called esculin and can cause death if eaten raw. Horse chestnut also contains a substance that thins the blood. It makes it harder for fluid to leak out of veins and capillaries, which can help prevent water retention (edema).

How do you take Sulphur 200?

Dosage and rules while taking Sulphur. Take 5 drops in half cup of water three times a day. You can also medicate the globules and take 3 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Why are horse chestnuts poisonous? Horse chestnuts are completely round, leathery, have a pale/white spot on them, and are very bitter (but please don’t taste them to find out). Because of the pale spot on the nut, they are sometimes called “buckeyes.” Horse chestnuts contain a toxin called saponin aesculin that makes all parts of these trees poisonous.

Does anything eat horse chestnuts?

The fruits of the horse chestnut and buckeyes are eaten by various species of wild animals and some species of livestock . However, these fruits contain a chemical known as aesculin that is poisonous to humans if eaten in large quantities, and can cause death.

What is the difference between a buckeye and a horse chestnut? Ohio buckeye leaves are narrow and finely toothed. In the fall, the medium green leaves turn brilliant shades of gold and orange. Horse chestnut leaves are larger. They are light green when they emerge, eventually turning a darker shade of green, then orange or deep red in autumn.

What is Hamamelis water?

Witch hazel is a plant. The leaf, bark, and twigs are used to make medicine. You may see a product called witch hazel water (Hamamelis water, distilled witch hazel extract). This is a liquid that is distilled from dried leaves, bark, and partially dormant twigs of witch hazel.

How do you use Hamamelis cream? Application of SBL Hamamelis Ointment

Apply SBL Hamamelis Ointment externally twice daily on clean and dried affected area.

Does witch hazel remove dark spots?

Witch hazel, when used regularly can diminish dark spots and blemishes, thereby improving and correcting skin tone. You can add a few drops of witch hazel to your cleanser and use the mixture to wash your face. It will also prevent excess oil production and keep acne at bay.

Which is best treatment for fissure? Your doctor may recommend: Externally applied nitroglycerin (Rectiv), to help increase blood flow to the fissure and promote healing and to help relax the anal sphincter. Nitroglycerin is generally considered the medical treatment of choice when other conservative measures fail.

Is Homeopathy treatment good for fissure?

Definitely there is effective treatment in homeopathy for fissures.In the initial week itself you can see considerable changes in frequency and intensity of pain,and gradually it will get healed in meantime ,depending upon how long you have the complaint.

What is the best cream for fissures? What is the best medication for an anal fissure?

Best medications for anal fissure
Aspercreme Lidocaine (lidocaine cream) Anesthetic Topical
Rectiv (nitroglycerin cream) Vasodilator Topical
Nifedipine cream Antihypertensive Topical
Botox (botulinum toxin A) Neurotoxin Injection

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