What routine to adopt to remove makeup?

What routine to adopt to remove makeup?

What routine to adopt to remove makeup?

We tend to forget it but a perfect complexion starts with a good make-up removal ! Indeed, a complete and adapted make-up removal is essential to get rid of the impurities accumulated during the day and thus to avoid clogging your pores causing dulling and premature skin aging. Here are the DESSANGE tips for a gentle make-up removal and maintain a radiant complexion the longest time possible !

Adopt the double cleansing with the FRESH DESSANGE ritual

No more express make-up removal which leaves the skin no time to breathe. Maison DESSANGE was inspired by double cleaning, an essential ritual for your beauty routine: a two-step makeup removal to ensure complete cleansing of the skin.

The first step is to remove makeup using a oily phase which will make it possible to eliminate fatty substances such as make-up, excess sebum or even pollution particles.

The second step makes it possible to perfect the cleaning thanks to a aqueous formula. Indispensable to overcome all impurities and unclog pores while respecting the natural balance of the skin, this step carried out in the evening allows the skin then perfectly cleansed to rejuvenate itself during the night.

The next morning a single pass of lotion is enough before the application of a serum and a cream! No need to wash your face in the morning at the risk of damaging the protective barrier created by the skin overnight.

STEP 1: Make-up removal

Eyes and lips

Your eyes and lips require special attention when removing makeup. Start by using FRESH waterproof eye and lip makeup remover on these particularly sensitive areas of the face in order to eliminate in a single gesture all traces of makeup. Its formula with provitamin B5 composed of 98% natural ingredients, is perfectly suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers! *

* Use test carried out on 22 women (including 11 with sensitive eyes or wearing contact lenses) for 14 days, daily application – self-assessment results.


Entire face (excluding eye area)

The new FRESH makeup remover balm is THE product that will make you love the makeup removal step. Ultra-sensory, it turns into oil upon application to dry skin to facilitate massage, then into milk on contact with water, thus facilitating emulsion. Its cocktail of vegetable oils leaves the skin soft and comfortable, while a polysaccharide gives it a anti-pollution and detoxifying action *.

* Use test carried out under dermatological control on 23 women for 14 days, daily application – self-assessment results.

STEP 2: Cleaning

Normal to combination skin

It is essential to complete your make-up removal with a cleaning adapted to your skin type. FRESH Detoxifying Cleansing Foam has been specially designed for normal to combination skin: it frees the skin from impurities and minimizes the appearance of imperfections. The association of a polysaccharide with detoxifying power with a complex of 3 teas, including white tea and red tea, antioxidants, allows a complete cleaning for a fresh, clearer skin, without feeling of tightness *

SOS DETOX Skin Perfecting Lotion is the perfect finishing touch to complete your ritual.

* Use test carried out under dermatological control on 23 women for 14 days, daily application – self-assessment result.


Normal to dry skin

As we know, normal to dry skin can be looking of appeasement and comfort. The smooth and enveloping creamy texture of the FRESH Soothing Cleansing Emulsion allows perfect the gentle cleaning. This leave-in emulsion, containing an ester of raspberry seed oil, a source of omega 6 and 9, eliminates impurities while making the skin more comfortable and less sensitive to external aggressions. *

Applied at the end of the ritual, the Lotion softness with cotton extract PERLE DE BEAUTÉ will finish prepare your skin for the night.

* Use test carried out under dermatological and ophthalmological control on 24 women for 14 days, daily application – self-assessment results.

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