What style to adopt during the holidays?

What style to adopt during the holidays?

What style to adopt during the holidays?

It’s time to put on her prettiest dress and most beautiful accessories. For New Years Eve, your beauty is not to be neglected. Here are some looks and hairstyles selected by us to be the most beautiful on New Years Eve.

The side-hair

A big favorite of the red carpets, the side-hair, also called “One Shoulder”, remains very fashionable during the holiday season. On curly or straight hair, this elegantly understated hairstyle can be enhanced with a braid for an undeniably trendy bohemian-chic look.

For a glamorous look, the lengths are worked with a geometric wavy brush and then ironed. The side-hair goes perfectly with a light eye makeup, accompanied by a red or beige matte lipstick, on your mouth.

Source: get-the-look.fr

The loose bun

The bun looks like a party hairstyle. We love it because it wakes up the face of all women. This elegant and sophisticated hairstyle will highlight your head wearing by revealing your femininity. Another advantage? The bun is available at will and according to your desires.

For a neo-classic style, we fall for a banana bun revisited by focusing on a natural extension worked with an iron and attached at the bottom of the neck. Adopt the bohemian-chic style by opting for the fuzzy bun for a subtly elegant tousled-styled effect.

To be beautiful to your fingertips, complete your beauty treatment with a timeless manicure of refined discretion and reveal all your femininity by choosing a chic and festive nail polish! Our advice: opt for the Nacres d’or or Night Red shade.

Source: Glamor Paris

The ponytail revisited

New Year’s Eve is definitely an opportunity to show originality in terms of beauty. In a festive mood, we dare to wear an unusual hairstyle to be the most beautiful of the evening! The ponytail, very fashionable in the fall-winter parades, caught our attention. This must-have, well known for its ease of production and its practicality, is today synonymous with elegance and refinement.

For New Years Eve, let’s play with material and shapes by daring the high ponytail with the pleated effect. This geometric and contemporary hairstyle clears the face to catch a glimpse of your skin; make it all the more radiant and luminous by applying our Highlighter with fine pearls to your eyelids, the top of your browbone, your cheekbones and your neckline. Guaranteed effect!

Source: Pinterest

Last tip for your New Year’s Eve hairstyle:

To make your hairstyle last all evening, be sure to use the styling product that matches your hair type and desired effect. To make a tie or a bun, sprinkle a small amount of Texturizing Powder on dry hair, at the roots. Then crumple with your hands (like a massage on the scalp) to distribute the product well and bring out the volume and texture effect. The styled-tousled effect is obtained with our Styling Cream: ideal for short hair and to energize a square!

The finishing touch for a hairstyle that lasts until the end of the night? Fix everything by spraying our Natural Fixing Lacquer (no residue) for a supple, shiny and light finish.

Do you need specialists and experts to guide you? Go to your DESSANGE hairdressing salon closest to you: our staff will find THE party hairstyle that suits you best!

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